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Found 3 results

  1. UK Armour Special When: Saturday Nov 7th 20:00GMT (This may shift to 14th November, depends if work starts messing me around, if they do I will give as much notice as possible.) Where: SB.com (Unless somewhere else volunteers. I assume this is OK @Volcano @Sean ?) Hosting: TBD (Preferably somewhere Europe or USA) Map needed: Fulda (Standard base install map) "The Valley of Heros 1961" an Alternative History of the British Forces Southern Germany* A Scenario by Hedgehog Amid Rising Tensions between WARPAC and NATO forces the 1st BR Corps has been forward deployed to their wartime positions. In Berlin US and Soviet Tanks Face off at Checkpoint Charlie, one false move..... Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... A Squadron: The Queen's Own Hussars. When: 0800 27 October 1961 (local time) Where: Furesteneck, Federal Republic of Germany 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: As a result of the growing EAST/WEST Tensions, Intelligence Estimates the forward element Battalions of the 22nd Guards Tank Regiment** are being deployed to their Forward Assembly Areas. Air Reconnaissance confirms this. Intelligence believes the Warsaw Pact is preparing for war, IF the situation deteriorates, you can expect a Soviet Set Piece assault shortly, before the end of the day at least. b) Own: 1st BR Corps are deploying to their wartime position as a precaution against Soviet belligerence and aggression. The overall mission of the Queen's Own Hussars is to delay or repel ANY Soviet advance. You are FREE to Prosecute Any WARPAC unit on WEST GERMAN SOIL. Our direct forces: A Squadron (Us/You) are currently in Lagaar just North of Eiterfeld, A sqn has a full warload, but being "Centurions" we have little fuel, and need a topping up after the crash out march from barracks. Attached to us from KOBR is a Mechanised Infantry Platoon (with their fancy new APCs) from King's Own Border Regiment forward deployed to Soisberg, acting as a tripwire force. Other Forces: B Squadron is deploying to our South in the Rodenbach Valley (Not represented here) C Squadron is the Regiment's Reserve. Attached is 36 Regiment Royal Artillery. c) Attachments and detachments: Detached 3rd Troop - currently supporting the remaining KOBR Infantry to our north. Attached 1 Platoon KOBR 2) MISSION: As soon as you are fueled up head into the Sauer Valley and link up with the Mech Inf Platoon. A Squadron's mission is to delay the WARPAC advance up the Sauer Valley towards UFHAUSEN while C Squadron & the Engineers prepare our main defensive position around FURSTENECK. 3) EXECUTION: Intent: is to Impose a DELAY and NOT a Decisive Engagement, on the Soviet advance on Ufhausen until C Squadron is in place and ready, at approximately 10:00 hours local time. (~T+ 120mins ) Engineers are digging emplacements around Furstenbeck and should be ready in around an hour. Engineers during the night have emplaced buried minefields as marked on the map. Preplanned Vehicle Emplacements have been constructed in the Sauer Valley in the Vicinity of PL Gladius & Pugio. Divisonal Artillery & Aviation Assets may be made avalible depending on ongoing operations. 6" Howitzers have 36 rounds of HE 4" Howitzers have 24 rounds HE, 16 rounds Smoke. a) Concept of Operation: Up to the player. i) Maneuver: Up to the player. ii) Fires: Up to the player. iii) Additional assets: Up to the player. b) Tasks to Maneuver units: Up to the player. c) Tasks to Combat Support Units: Up to the player. d) COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS: Up to the player. Notes: *1944 Operation Overlord went DIfferently (British and USA swapped Beaches) **Made up number Intelligence: (attached image) more to follow
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a mission using Shot'Kal tanks and Warrior ODS IFV's Originally played as part of a Kanium VU Cooperative session on 16 JULY 17. A medium sized cooperative mission with 27 player slots (6x platoons x 4x vehicles each + CDR, XO, FO) 1. SITUATION a. A battalion-sized element from the 18th Ahuristani Armored Division has established a defense around the city of Baqubah, with company-sized elements, consisting of Rifle Squads and T-55A tanks. Enemy forces are established in Company-sized battle positions along pieces of key terrain to protect the rear support-zone of Baqubah, but their exact disposition is unknown. b. Friendly forces are assembling for a Division-sized attack to clear the 18th Division from the city of Baqubah and continue to the north. In this sector, Team Kanium will lead this attack by conducting a flank attack into the Khalis Pocket in order to isolate Baqubah and prevent enemy forces from interferring with 2nd Battalion's attack into Baqubah. c. Independent fighter groups are conducting attacks against the 18th Division rear area - hence, such a large force from the 18th Division in the support zone. We received a phone call from an Imam in Balad Ruz who claims that fighter groups will begin emplacing IEDs along key intersections and roads within the next 15 minutes. This action is intended to disrupt the 18th Division, but could also hamper our freedom of movement along the roads. It is highly encouraged to visit the Imam and see if he can apply influence with the independent fighter groups. [NOTE: Dismounts can only speak with the Imam] 2. MISSION Team Kanium conducts a flank attack to destroy enemy forces in the Khalis Pocket. 3. EXECUTION a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to clear the Khalis pocket of enemy forces so that 2nd Battalion has freedom of maneuver within Baqubah and enemy forces are prevented from interferring with 2nd Battalions attack into Baqubah. b. Key Tasks 1. Seize the Baqubah Bridge to provide mobility for future operations. 2. Clear enemy forces from Khalis Village (we suspect the enemy is using this village for command and control of the rear area) 3. Clear enemy forces from Khalis Farmland (we have information that this area is being used as a staging area for reinforcements into Baqubah) c. End State i. Terrain. Key terrain is seized (All OBJs) ii. Friendly: Friendly forces have freedom of maneuver within Baqubah. ii. Enemy: Elements of the Ahurastan 18th Armored Brigade are unable to interfere with friendly, follow-on forces. iii. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. d. Fires 6x Guns (Offscreen) 1x FO (F-1)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Scenario uses Shot'Kal tanks and M113 APCs Can work with 30+ players Originally played as a Kanium VU scenario on 4 JUN 17 1. SITUATIONA battalion-sized element from the 18th Ahuristani Armored Brigade has established a defense along Route 1 with company-sized elements, consisting of Rifle Squads and T-55A tanks. Enemy forces are established in Company-sized battle positions, in vicinity of key terrain along the route. The enemy battalion also maintains a Company (-) of tanks in reserve that will be used to counter attack our main body. Friendly forces are assembling for a massive counter attack to clear the 18th from the Hamrin region. In this sector, Team Kanium will lead this attack by clearing the way for a follow on force that will continue to attack towards Hamrin and Khanaqin.2. MISSIONTeam Kanium attacks to seize key terrain to pass follow-on forces to the East. 3. EXECUTIONa. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to clear the Hamrin region of the 18th Ahuristni Armored Brigadeb. Key Tasks1. Clear enemy forces from Jalula2. Clear enemy forces from Qara Tapa3. Seize the Qara Tapa military installationc. End Statei. Terrain. Key terrain seized (All OBJs) ii. Friendly: Friendly forces have freedom of movement to the East.ii. Enemy: Elements of the Ahurastan 18th Armored Brigade are unable to interfere with friendly follow on forces.iii. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. d. FiresArtillery Platoon in direct support (6x 122mm guns)
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