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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Combat Power 8x Stryker Dragoon (DF30/Proxy) 4x Stryker MGS (Centauro/proxy) 4x M1A2 I. SITUATION a. Enemy. Enemy forces are defending the area with a mechanized infantry company (BMP3) supported by a platoon of T90 tanks and a motorized recon platoon. The enemy has positioned two mechanized platoons foward, defending crossing sites at Novahorsk and Gliwek and two platoons remain near the town of Bojnik. We expect to see motor recon units conducing roving patrols on the flanks and near the Anizu hills, to provide coverage between the disruption forces and the main body in Bojnik. We expect to see tanks supporting the main defense at Bojnik, however, they may reinforce a crossing site if necessary. b. Friendly. Friendly forces consist of a Stryker Recon Troop supported by a platoon of tanks. Weather is keeping our aircraft grounded, so don't expect any support. The poor weather conditions are also slowing our follow-on forces, so we must seize that critical crossroads junction in Bojnik. II. MISSION: Attack to clear enemy forces from the town of Bojnik; this will allow follow-on forces ease of movement across the road network. III. EXECUTION Tasks a. Clear Bojnik (60) b. Preseve Combat Power for follow-on operations (40) Fires: 155mm are allocated as direct support (216 HE/216 SMK) IV. SUSTAINMENT. Organic medical and supply assets are organic to your Troop V. SIGNALS Friendly ID: On Map Updates: Enabled Overhead View: On
  2. Version v3


    Summery: "The Christmas War " Attack Attack through the enemy positions to eliminate an artillery battery (x3) Size: Large Length: varies ( Ends when the objective is achieved ) Scenario Date: 20/12/1965 at 0830 Local Responsibility level: lowest required: Platoon highest allowed: Battalion Player compatibility: Single Player Yes Co-Operative Yes Head to Head No Head to Red No Created by: Hedgehog Date created: 21 December 2017 Terrain Map: Kouvostoliitto Finland Modified Height Map: Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km Theme: Winter Briefing: "The Christmas War" Scenario Date 22-12-1965 Backstory: The Soviet Union has (yet) another crack at Finland in a Second Continuation War set in Mid/Late December 1965. The Soviets have pushed as far as Selänpää from the Northern South Karelia region. The Artillery to the East is preventing Southern forces from counter attacking and pushing the Soviets back eastwards. Your job, Majuri, is to neutralize that artillery. 1) Situation: Visibility is limited to ~2500m. Ground conditions are snow (Lots of Snow. Welcome to Finland!) cross country mobility will be fast, well in a T-55 at least. Roads should not be your primary method of mobility. Pack a Shovel though. a) Enemy Forces: Known enemy force operating in your area: 1st Fictional Russian Mechanised Brigade (1FRMB). Intelligence estimates enemy forces to be composed of a heavy force consisting of tanks, mechanized infantry and light infantry. Approximate strength of the enemy force is an under strength brigade. Approx Force strength = 1 Battalion uparmoured T-55s, 1 Company BTR 60s in support. b) Friendly Forces: Your forces consist of 22nd Finish Fictional Armoured Brigade (22FFAD), a reinforced battalion composed of tanks and mechanized infantry. 1 Company Armour 1 Company Mech Inf Reinforcements - As above times 2 - on trigger, avaliable after 24 mins 2) Mission: - Your unit will conduct an attack. Attack through the enemy positions to eliminate 3 x artillery batteries - Secure 2 villages in the area if possible - Mission ends when Artillery is eliminated 3) Execution: Users must determine their own plan of execution. (Good Luck) 4) Service and Support: a) Artillery: 6 tubes x 4 batteries (2 x M1064A3, 2 x 2S3) of HE and Smoke Priority of fires: none. Priority targets: none. Artillery only available to fire support units: yes b) Air support: None. c) Additional assets: supply vehicles, medics, recovery vehicles and FO vehicles are available. SCENARIO NOTES: Avoid Forested areas if at all possible, heavy ground cover allows infantry to hide well. Tank platoons consist of 1 x T-62 (Platoon Ldr) 3 x T-55 Mech Infantry platons consist of 4 x Warrior (ODS) Per vehicle: 6 x Rifle Grenades 6 x lePzf 1 x PKM Platoon Ldr = FSO SCORING: none. TIME LIMIT: varies ( Ends when the objective is achieved ) CAMPAIGN NOTES: none. Created by: Hedgehog 21 December 2017
  3. Hello Hivemind, Question. How does SB select which Camo to render with which terrain scheme I.E. Woodland goes with Temperate Snow with Snow Desert with Desert. But which part of the theme does SB look for specifically? (what's the switch) I ask because I'd like to put a Euro camoflagued tank on a desert map (Without messing around in the mods folder.) I have a working theory about making a Euro/Temperate Theme in map editor but with more desert colours.....
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