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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Steel Beasts enthusiasts and gamers Just to share that I've managed to recolor Steel Beasts Legacy by editing the Europe.act file. I used the free tools Cyotek Color Palette Editor and Paint.NET to achieve this. The images above are from actual in-game screenshots. What have I achieved from this? Well depending on my mood, or just for the fun of it all, I can change the Europe.act file to a different theme to play SteelBeasts Legacy in a different colour palette. So in effect, I can make a 'new' game, every time and anytime I want it. There is nothing wrong with the original out-off-the-box colours of Steel Beasts Legacy. If anything, I believe that the development team had chosen the most realistic colors available to compliment the gameplay and sounds. The artist is me wanted to see if I could introduce other colors, and I am glad that I achieved it. And in the process, I had lots of FUN doing it. Here are three more in-game screenshots of my handiwork: If you eyes hurt after viewing this highly-saturated-colors image, you know who to blame. :-) The Leopard and terrain in the colors of Saving Private Ryan using the Bleached Bypass Effect. M1A1 in the half-saturated colors terrain version of Steel Beasts Legacy. This is the "Moving Ambush" scenario - my favourite scenario. If any rare breed of Steel Beasts enthusiats is still running Steel Beasts Legacy on VirtualBox, I have attached the Adobe Color Table (*.act) files in this post. You are most welcome to try them out. If no one else is plays Steel Beasts Legacy (once in while for nostalgic reasons) these days, I am okay with that. I too own a copy of Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.010 and it is an excellent simulation. One that is getting better and better over time. I can't wait for the dynamic terrain version. Of course Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.010 is lightyears ahead of Steel Beasts Legacy in all aspects. That said, I still find the gameplay of Steel Beasts Legacy very absorbing. This is testament to the brilliance of the development team of the early years of Steel Beasts. The icing on the cake for me is to be able to change the colours of the game. My long term goal is to one day experiment with changing the colors of Steel Beasts Pro PE, just for the sheer fun and challenge of doing it. Perhaps one day I could change the stock-out-of-the-box colors of SB Pro PE from this: to a slightly more saturated-colors version like this: The former being more realistic and functional, whilst the latter is just me being artistic for art's sake. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. ;-) Regards Frankie Kam Europe_Bleached_Bypass.act Europe_eyes_hurt.act Europe_original.act Europe_Half_Saturated.act
  2. Hello, all. I know this topic used to be up here, but I don't know if we devised a solution. I'm trying to get Steel Beasts (original) to run in Windows 7. Every time I try to get it to run, I get hit with a warning saying that the file "d3drm.dll" is missing from the system. This is a Direct X error as far as I'm aware. I tried installing Direct X 7, and 9, and even transferring the "d3drm.dll" file right into Steel Beasts and the C drive. Nothing seemed to fix the problem. Running the program in XP and administrator mode and on 256 colors failed as well. Any suggestions? -Windows 7 x64 bit -stock video card (able to run Steel Beasts Pro PE)
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