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Found 4 results

  1. I'd love to get this old-timer working on my Win 7 x64 system, bit I'm running into problems. Version of the Steel Beasts game appears to be V1.15. The intro/splash screen plays through, but then the computer comes up with the message "d3drm.dll is missing". A further message is that "No Solutions Found for Exclusive Mode Video Playback Sample Application" I have done some searching and found what is purported to be a d3drm zip file, which, when unzipped gives a d3drm.dll file and a text which is of no use to me. So, the question is where do I go from this point?
  2. Hello tankers and everyone, i think that the title says it all already... i've purchased a 1 month license and received the mail properly but the attached license (or link?) have been blocked/censored by the email filter. Then i tried twice to contact e-sim games through the contact module on their website but i've received no answer aaaand.... well, 6 days have already passed by and i still cannot play the simulation, plus i'm wasting days i've paid for Any help?
  3. Steel Beast Pro PE video after action report Mission: cover a withdrawal from Pyssykylä in the south-east while a mechanized company-sized enemy is attacking from the north-west. lLIhnjZFQ0M Mission and game hosting by Espi (a.k.a. haukka81 at http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/ ). This take was the last of maybe six, the rest were complete disasters. This time we survived, but the withdrawal was seriously hindered, so even this attempt was actually a failure... We'll nail this one too, one day. My voice is barely audible while the others come out too loud. There was little I could do in
  4. I have the older Steel Beast game and with my new PC and Windows 7 it will not work. It says windows is missing some dll file? Is there any solution ( other than buying the newer SB version, which I will someday ). Thanks
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