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Found 5 results

  1. The purpose of this thread is to provide scenario designers with a reference for quickly finding templates for various military echelons on a global scale. Ultimately, I envision this having a table of contents on this post where a scenario designer can click and be taken directly to a template download for the country, organization, and echelon of their choice. The initial emphasis is having close approximations in accuracy for combat power at the Company level, with a workable sustainment package sufficient to maintain combat power. Table of Contents Real World I. United States of America 1. Armored Brigade Combat Team (2020) a. Cavalry Squadron i. Reconnaissance Troop ii. Tank Company b. Combined Arms Battalion (CAB) (WIP) i. Tank Company ii. Mechanized Infantry Company iii. CAB Scout Platoon II. Canada 1. Mechanized Brigade Group (2020) a. Armored/Infantry Regiment (WIP) i. Recce Troop (WIP) ii. Tank Squadron (WIP) iii. Infantry Company (WIP) 2. Historical a. Mechanized Battalion (1978) III. United Kingdom 1. Armored Infantry Brigade (2020) a. Armored Regiment (WIP) i. Tank Squadron (WIP) IV. Russia 1. Motorized Rifle Brigade a. Motor Rifle Battalion (2015-2016) 2. Mechanized Infantry Brigade a. Tank Battalion (2017) 3. Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (2010) Fictional I. Donovia 1. Mechanized Division Tactical Group (2020+) a. Mechanized Infantry Battalion Detachment - Action Element (Tier 1) b. Mechanized Infantry Battalion Detachment - Action Element (Tier 2) II. Olvana 1. Heavy Combined Arms Brigade Tactical Group (2020+) a. Olvana - Heavy Combined Arms Battalion Detachment (BDET) - Action Element (Tier 2)
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Unit template for a Stryker Reconnaissance Squadron using the Piranha V as a proxy for the M1126 Infantry Carrier Variant Squadron Mobile Command Group Squadron Commander Squadron S3 Squadron Command Sergeant Major 3x Recon Troops -2x6 Recon Platoons -Troop HQ (CDR/1SG/XO) 1x Weapons Troop -3x3 Mobile Gun System Platoons -3x3 Anti-Tank Platoons (M901 Proxy)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a unit template that represents the fictional 'Donovian' 801st Mechanized Brigade. Units are notionally 'Companies' and represented with a 6-vehicle configuration to fit the entire Brigade into one template. Forces Composition 801 BDE HQ BDE Recon COY BDE Sniper PLT BDE Engineer COY BDE Support COY (medical & maintenance) 8011, 8012, 8013 Mechanized Battalions 9x IFV Platoons 1x Mortar Platoon 1x Recon Platoon 1x Weapons Platoon 1x MANPAD Platoon 1x Support Platoon (Signal Platoon not depicted) 801 Tank Battalion 9x T-90 Platoons 1x Recon Platoon 1x MANPAD Platoon 1x Support Platoon 801 Field Artillery Battalion 3x 2S35 Gun Batteries 1x Support Platoon 801 Air Defense Battalion 1x SA19 COY 1x SA9 COY 1x MANPAD COY (RBS) 801 Anti-Tank Battalion 1x BRDM-2 ATGM COY 1x BMP-3 COY 1x MANPAD PLT Reference: https://odin.tradoc.army.mil/FS/CAUCASUS/DONOVIA/80_MECH_IFV_DIV Installation: Drag the 'DONOVIA' folder to the following path: C:\Users\NAME\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Unit Templates\
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A template to depict the task organization of Team Yankee (A/1-4 AR) based on the Howard Coyle that every armor enthusiast has read and loves. This is a template of the original Team Yankee from the first battle. I do not recall the callsign for the attached infantry platoon or anti tank platoon, so I made those up, but the composition is still accurate.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Unit template for a US Stryker Rifle Company using Piranha III's to represent the M1126 Stryker ICV CO XO First Sergeant (Ambulance) Fire Support Officer Supply Sergeant Mortar Section (M106 to represent M1129 MCV) 3x Rifle Platoon -8 Man Rifle Squads -2 Man Javelin Teams
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