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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Task Org [Initial] 2x M1A2 2x M2A2 4x VAMTAC (M2HB) 2x Centauro 4x Light INF Squads (w/ ATGM) 4x 120mm Mortars (Piranha V) 1x CH47 1x UH60 1x Support PLT 1x FARP Section (Additional reinforcements may arrive if available) I. Situation An enemy Mechanized Infantry Battalion is established in a defense around the Benmir airport. Our scouts have identified enemy recon forces operating just beyond Phase Line ALPHA, and several platoon battle positions along Phase Line BRAVO. Enemy recon patrols are extremely aggressive and our scouts were forced to retrograde, so enemy dispositions beyond the phase line BRAVO are relatively unknown but we anticipate mechanized infantry battle positions supported by tanks in a layered defense around the airfield. We also anticipate the enemy to emplace minefield obstacle belts to support their defense, as well as protection from MANPADs and artillery. Our force is relatively small, and a piece-meal composition of scattered units across the Battalion. The Division commander is pushing an aggressive timeline for seizure of the Benmir airfield to support airlift of critical supplies into the AO. We're out of time and must attack now. II. Mission Attack to seize OBJ BULL to allow friendly forces to utilize additional tactical infrastructure to support future offensive operations III. Execution -Attack now, and attack with what you have. Additional reinforcements may arrive when or if they can. -You have support from 2x transportation aircraft, and elements from B CO (light infantry), but beware of the SAM threat in the AO. -Your attack will be supported with organic 120mm mortars and a battery of 155mm guns. IV. Service & Support -Your company is fully supplied, and is being supported by HQ resupply assets (fuel/ammo) - A FARP has been established to the south by G CO, and can be moved at any time. V. Command & Signal -Friendly ID: On -Map Contacts: Enabled Commanders Guidance: 1. You don't have much to attack with, certainly not as much as you'd like - but sometimes thats life! 2. Do recon - locate the enemy and determine their composition - formulate your attack and don't attack blindly. 3. Take your time - Don't rush. Designate march objectives - seize terrain that you think is relevant and consolidate your forces. Rinse and Repeat.
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