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Found 10 results

  1. Hey I think it´s better to have one thread for all videos instead of opening a new one each time someone wants to post one. Also we can collect all SB-related videos here and so got one place to look em up. I´ll start with some that are not related to SB: "Threads", a mockumentary about the effects of a 1984 nuclear war in the UK: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-2023790698427111488&hl=en-GB "When the Wind blows", an animated film with the same topic: http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=-3335238684076482887&q=when+the+wind+blows+nuclear
  2. this perception germinates and grows because information is a contention based on consensus, which is often based more on people's feelings. then you have basically an extension of the war in the public sphere are opinion wars and cheerleading for one side or the other as basically shaping what people think what is going on, and nothing to the contrary occurs or the opposition are trolls or whatever you can name. so if you are western, you cannot help but be immersed in something which looks like a world of tanks forum or something: russia loses all battles, ukraine wins all battles; if ukraine wins the battle of bakhmut, then it is a very important victory. if russia wins the battle of bakhmut, then it was meaningless after all and russia still loses, and ukraine still wins, because you forgot: 1) russia loses all battles, and 2) ukraine wins all battles. people naturally cheer for one side or the other and conflate what they want to happen with what they think is happening. so in other words truth in itself is not power, it must either side with power, or attract power to its side, or there is no such thing as truth apart from that. we have a war that is being fought not just in ukraine, but in the sphere of public opinion, which is essentially how people get information on a mass scale like never before- the internet, 24 hour online news cycles with no real such thing as unbiased news, and bloggers and their audience and this sort of thing. sure. something quite surreal was telegraphing what was going to come at the kick off when literal phantoms were conjured up and roaming the skies. it made for a legendary story if someone were receptive to it. it was what people wanted to believe and became true for that very reason. generally it may look like this: during last year's counter offensive, russia withdrew and ukraine started capturing large swaths of territory. so, if you were plugged into a particular narrative, the russians are retreating and the ukrainians prove that that they can take on the russians and win. OR in reality the russian forces in the area of kkarkiv and kherson were small and over-extended. the russians decided not to try and hold territory and this juncture but rather realized the opportunity to inflict heavy casualties on ukraine's attacking forces. and this is what happened: as ukraine advanced and as the media cheered on these victories, the russians shellacked the ukrainians and mauled them badly. while the ukrainians regained ground at the expense of the cream of their most experienced NCOs and officers killed or removed from the roster, all we heard in the press that ukraine is winning the war. in fact there is reason why in a very subtle way the media stopped reporting on this ukrainian counter-offensive, because it stalled out and bled out and was no longer a thing and just vanished from the headlines. this is why tens thousands of ukrainians have been training in the united states and abroad across europe, because their core army was all but annihilated. gone. take again for example the battle bakhmut. this was portrayed as an important battle by virtue of its location and the fact that both sides gathered a deliberate effort to destroy the other. as it became clear that the russians were slowly but surely winning the battle, then well it was not so important after all and it was a trap all along by ukraine to draw in the russians, which worked. OR in reality it was the other way around. the russians used bakhumut as a trap to draw in ukrainians who were being expended at an unsustainable rate so that their coming counter-offensive could not draw from those experienced veterans or their equipment. the russians used a similar process as above as they had shown during ukraine's earlier counter-offensive: the russians enveloped the ukrainians slowly and methodically (again, interpreted by the west as evidence the russians were stalled or beaten off or inept) and deliberately left a route in and out of the city which they could observe ukrainians moving along and that they could bomb and shell and what have you. finally, you have all these western officials- civilian officials and retired or active duty flag officers giving a narrative that ukraine's new equipment will easily smash through russian forces. in fact russia is already beaten, what's left on the battlefield is just waiting for the coup de grace, which is just a formality- which is what general petraeus all but said just a few days ago. so he makes the rounds on all kinds of programs and he gets his ego stroked as an authority and everyone listens to him- because why wouldn't they. in the west we are transparent and we tell the truth as it is, so when he said that the russians were brittle and would flee immediately when the ukrainian counter-offensive kicks off, people believe this, and why shouldn't they- an important individual like petraeus could not be wrong. likewise any uniformed chief of staff would never be mistaken or never lie - however such a position as a four star is basically a political appointee and they tow the line of whatever the administration's policies are meant to convey. in fact the more stars they put on the more you start realize the potential of someone in that position capable of being immensely full of shit, so when you have defense secretary austin and general milley testifying under oath before congress and or victoria nuland, blinken or sullivan all saying in press statements that russia was all but defeated and is collapsing politically militarily and so on, it's all the same thing, coming from the same place. do they really believe this? probably not in the case of milley or austin, who understand militarily why that is not real. but this generally what people are shaped to believe because their information sources have been programming to believe this.
  3. To bad about these binos not being currently available. I remember asking for something similar years ago and was told to be quiet and go away. Can't wait till we get them, very handy. Thanks for the tutorial and reminder about lasing sensor equipped vehicles. Bookmarking. Update: These binos are in game, my bad. Thanks eSim.
  4. Hopefully this will be of some use to those of you seeking to use the M40A1
  5. Just in case you want to follow up one of those YouTube videos.
  6. Thanks! The copy paste of routes after conditions was new for me. Very useful.
  7. I cannot record footage in-game with Nvidia Shadowplay, the video files are corrupted. Oddly enough, I can however record the menu and debriefing screens. I am using the most recent GeForce Experience launch, and recording with other games works just fine. UPDATE Fixed by uninstalling GFE 3 and installing GFE 2. Contact me for the details on how to downgrade properly.
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