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UK Armour Sun 6 Dec 2015

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Hi, TJay,

I'll try to attend, but the RSM (Residential Sergeant-Major) may assign tasks as Exercise "Christmas Preparation" spools up! :clin:

Sorry guys but, as expected, I've just received my "orders from headquarters!" I've got a two-phased operation against the nefarious "Red Xmas Lights" plus a straight ahead assault on Objective REFRIGERATOR. H-H Hour is NOW, with all ops to be completed by 1700 hrs local = 2200 hrs GMT.

Looking forward, however, to future ops with UK Armour! :luxhello:

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AAR: An absolutely splendid evening in the company of a bunch of totally mad Scandinavians: King Tiger (who claims not to be Scandinavian by Scanian, which as far as I can gather means that his mother was a heavy commercial vehicle although I may have misunderstood that bit), SwordsmanDK and Major Duck (who both have RL military experience), Xboxtrollen (who had purchased the game only a few days beforehand and acquitted himself very well), and Dr Hat, who did not actually participate being otherwise engaged in hand to hand conflict with some unruly executables during a troublesome install.

KT commanded the old (2010) small multiplayer scenario Attack on Buritz in which two platoons of MIA1s and a platoon of Bradleys must secure a small village to allow four helicopters to insert airborne forces to rescue two downed helicopter pilots being held by a bunch of insurgents. The village proved to be jam-packed with infantry and APCs toting Spandrel/Concurs missiles and proved a harder nut to crack than first appeared. The mission would have been a complete success had the helos not been called in just a tad early and lost one of their number to the last remaining enemy infantry squad who - most unsportingly - refused to show up on the map despite eny icons being on.

The debrief consisted of a very informative discussion of how armour is best deployed in supporting infantry assaults and how close APCs should venture to the objective before dismounting their troops. Too far away and the infantry never get there; too close and the APC become vulnerable to ATGM fire.

These guys have threatened - sorry, promised - to show up for future sessions whenever possible and look like injecting a new lease of life into a UK Armour that has been a bit subdued in recent weeks. My thanks to all concerned.

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Here is the SB .aar file for a mission modestly described by KT as 'Perfectly planned and immaculately executed'. Actually, his positioning if the two tank platoons to enable them to attrit the enemy within the objective before moving forward in support of the Mech Inf is definitely worth a look. The knife fight with the remnants of the enemy infantry while a rifle squad occupied the building holding the hostages just ahead of the arrival of the airborne guys was a bit messy, but that sort of thing is probably inevitable.


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Dr Hat, who did not actually participate being otherwise engaged in hand to hand conflict with some unruly executables during a troublesome install.

I say!

The installation was defeated the old fashioned British way; handbags at 50 paces!

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