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Top Leopard Challenge, 01mar16 to 15may16

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Top Leopard Challenge

1. Participation and Date

The Challenge is open to all, with the exception that anyone acting as referee/judge for the competition will be barred.

Every competitor is only allowed to take part in 1 single run of the challenge.

You can apply with an email giving contact data(e-mail adress), your prefered time slot and a team-name under:


The competition runs will be between 01mar16 and 15may16.

2.Needed equipment and software

„real life gear“:

-3 team members

-1 Steelbeasts pro PE licence per team member (permanent, time based or a borrowed one)

-at least one team member need to habe a second monitor to display a map oft he competition area in a second open instance of steelbeasts or a screenshot. Alternative solutions can be a print-out of the steelbeasts map or a real-life 1:50000 map of the Bergen-Hohne training area(not older then 2002).

-you need team speak installed, a functioning headset/microphone would be very helpful

Virtual equipment:

For this competion the Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2A5-DK and DK-Mk-1 or the Stridsvagn 122 are allowed.

Ammunitions used will be DM-53, DM-12 and 7.62x51mm MG gun ammo

3. Prizes

Each member oft he winning team will receive an upgrade fort he next SB version or a new 1-year licence.

4. Task List

- Land navigation using only map

- AFV recognition and range estimation

- Handling oft he Leopard 2A5 with all stations crewed

- Engaging target stationary and on the move and static and moving targets

- Engaging targets in emergency mode

5. Scoring and timeline

5.1Conduction and timeline of the challenge

All 3 teammembers will start in an off-read vehicle at a random starting point.

- 1st Task: March towards Station „AFV recognition“. Target point given in 8-digit grids. Scoring: time to reach the destination

- 2nd Task: ID of 4 different AFV and estimation oft he distances tot he vehicles. Scoring: Each wrong ID adds 60 seconds to you overall time. Each range estimation that deviates more then +/-50m from the true distance will add 30 seconds to the overall time.

- 3rd Task: March to tank take over point. Target point given with reference-point method. Scoring: time to reach the destination

- 4th task: Tank-march to the shooting range. Target point given with reference-point method. Scoring: time to reach the destination

- 5th task: Tank shooting range , see § 5.2

5.2 The tank range:

At the start the tanks will have no ( in numbers: 0,0) ready ammo in the turret bunker. You can reload from the hull bunker. Take care that you just load enough ammo to kill your targets…other wise it will cost you too much time.

You’ll be shooting at 6 targets or target groups:

1. Static target at long range (>2500m)

2. Moving target at medium range (1800-2500m)

3. Soft target

4. IFV target

5. Engaging a moving target on while the move

6. Engaging a target in emergency mode

Target will not have the „one hit-kill“ activated. Moving targets will show up only once an will be destroyed by penalty zone after leaving the target area. In this case the target counts as „not destroyed“.

Your own tank is set on „blind“ status. So all the spotting and gunning hast o be done by the team.

For every target „not destroyed“ you receive 2 penalty minutes. If the target 5 is not destroyed while your own tank is stationary, the target counts as „not destroyed“. On top oft hat you’ll get another penalty minute.

The scenatio will end the moment you killed the last target.

5.3 Overall score

The winner will be determined by the shortest overall scenario time+ added penalties. For scoring purposes the scenario run time from the server AAR will be taken.

Penalty list:

-False ID of an Tank recognition target: 1 Minute

-Estimate of range to tank recognition target not within +/- 50 Meters: 1 Minute

-Not giving a Range estimate or vehicle ID: 3 Minutes per target

-Not completing Tank recognition station: 25 minutes

-Not destroying a target(movers will move into a penalty zone of lane and count as "not destroyed"): 2 Minutes per target (* infantry sections counts a 1 target)

-Engaging the target during the "move phase" from a stationary BP: 15 minutes



At the competition there will be present the 3 team mebers and one referee/judge. The judge will observe the sce-conduct and make a video of the competition run for scoring/evaluation as well as PR purposes.

For all disputes the server AAR is determinant. The referee has the last word.

For all vehicles status is blind, and the map view is disabled.

Drive carefully! If you crash you tank or your off-road-vehilce, you lost!!

Edited by Grenny

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How about opening it up to the M1A2?

The idea was to have everyone in somewhat equal vehicles in order to make crew skill the deciding factor.

So: No

And yes: the CR2 the Leo2A4 , other M1 models and the Leo2E are out for the same reason.

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ok,sounds good,whens the T72 version:clin::1:

Well I guess Grenny could let you edit the scenario and change the vehicle type.

Then you can set it up however you want. ;)

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can yourelease a practice sce of what to expecct,me and my brother would like to give it a try but we havent played MP in about 10 years or anyother MP events.:bigsmile:

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So with Top Tank platoon having its winners...time to give this a bump

(or maybe a sticky? )

...stand by, I'll be posting available timeslots this afternoon.

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i know i let it slack...working on it. Team sabre has its place booked and save.

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Oh damn me. Needed quiete some rework, but now its finaly finished.


I updated the opening Post to include the updated Penalty list.(Point 5.3)


Also a new traing Map attached: Includes a Penalty zone (100% destruction) to mark a NO-GO area.

Competitors are clear to start as of now. 

Possible times during the week: starting from 1900 GMT, all day except Mondays

At weekends North america or Aus friendlier times possible upon request.





PS.: this might also be a good time for none SB-owners to jump in: get the perma-licence at the reduced rate, and win the next update!!!




TLC_comp_training map.zip

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Very good


Doe to my long non activity here (sry for that, RL issues)...I hope team sabre is still up for it?

Oleg? What about team russia?

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9 hours ago, Renders said:




Team Sabre is mainly from the US?

Would this friday at 2000 UTC be OK? (Noon on the US eastcoast?)

Or on Saturday after "Though Rider" (think that will finish at around 2300 UTC/afternoon US east coast time) ...actually I'd prefer that one, only 1 game night a weekend suits "my boss" better ;-)


If that does not work...I have a day of on 6th of may, so I could get up early to have  evening time in the US---


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On 4/14/2016 at 5:38 PM, 12Alfa said:

Working on a Team Canada.

You mean team 12Eh ?

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