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UK Armour latest developments

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Thanks to Major Duck and others, UKA now has a website including a forum.

We have also standardised on Channel Commander for in-game comms, plus Skype for Commander/Gunner communication when multicrewing.

The website address is: http://ukarmor.do-forum.com/

Regular participants are hereby invited to register on the website. Approval is automatic as we assume that those applying are all good guys who know how to conduct themselves properly. But please read the 'ticker' message at the top of the home page.

For details of how to set up Skype and get access to our normal hangout 'Wargame Rouge' please contact Major Duck, Dr Hat, or Swordsman by PM.

UKA remains a 'non membership' V.U and all are welcome to join our regular MP sessions. We ask only that you have completed at least the basic tutorials on the Leo 2A5DK.

Training sessions on specific aspects of SB - such as multicrewing and how to handle the CV9035-DK - will occur from time to time.

Advance notice of UKA MP missions and AARs will contiue to be posted on this forum. Although we now have our own TS server, we have no intention of divorcing ourselves from the main SB community.

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