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CV9035DK Smoke issues

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Not sure if Bug or me being retarded, but lets find out:

When using "tab" to pope smoke I get different results depending where I am on the CV90 and that feels weird.

This is my keyboard settings regarding smoke:


So TAB is set to SMOKE FRONT ONLY. I have no SMOKE LEFT or SMOKE RIGHT mapped.

as reference here is what happens when I go down as Vehicle commander OR Gunner and pop smoke FRONT manually:


as you can see it creates a narrow smoke screen at vehicles 12 o clock.

Now this is were thing is getting weird for me:

When I am in external (F8) View and hit TAB I get this:


As you can see it seems I am popping smoke LEFT and no front.

Here is if I move into gunner position and hit TAB:


here LEFT and FRONT smoke seems to emerge.

And finally here is if I move into vehicle commanders slot and hit TAB:


Here it seems to smoke LEFT and RIGHT but no front.

All this different results using same TAB key and just being in different locations?

Is this a bug or are some of my settings wrong? What must I do to have a smoke screen front when hitting TAB?


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Btw, I went into controls to set separate buttons for Smoke left, centre, and right - as KP7, KP8 and KP9. But they steadfastly refused to work. Set all smokes back to Tab expecting all 3 to fire at once but instead that only fires smoke left at first. Subswquent presses fire smoke front and smoke right.

No big deal: 3 quick presses give me a 'total' smoke screen, but I thought I'd just mention it. :clin:

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