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Good turnout for the first normal meeting of the year.

Had a go at "SCHNEELEOPARD_PzZg-Leo2A4_Aufkl_060214" (which might be close to CavGunner's heart :)).

We did better than that last outing.

AAR for those interested, can be found here:


Some pictures:

Troop Leader provides security for wingman on Northern Battle Position (a combination of fire and artillery smoke provided suppression/concealment until recovery arrived):


Speaking of recovery, the spanners almost ran into an Enemy Mot Rifle Company going the other way (recovery vehicle in foreground just short of the woods):


Recovery vehicle gets to the woods just in time to see 10 x BMP-2 and 3 x T-72s go by (top part of picture, beyond the road):


The engagement area after the battle. The Troop leader and wingman occupied the ridge in the centre left in the background. Troop Sgt and wingman the right ridge. The enemy was moving from left to right in the foreground:


Also discussed a possible solution to the web site issue.

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Thanks Mark, it was a nice mission and fun outing with mixed Antipodean and European platoon. It's a shame the Platoon Sergeant was killed in action so quickly (he was rusty after returning from a desk job) but it seems his reincarnation led a more charmed life as a spanner. A Wisent with 12.7 mm RWS is certainly no match for a MRC! It's definitely one I'd like to try again after a bit more "joystick time".

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Mark, Thanks for running the first session of the year and picking a very good mission...oh and protecting your wingman. (I had my track shot off by flanking BMP2 firing AP. Rookie mistake, I was too focused on the EA.)

It was a really good mission, the OPFOR scripting was good and realistic, the map being set in winter, with 2A4's in winter cam really topped off a mission set at the "not so easy" classification (thanks Duke).

The team worked well together and it would be great to see some more of the SB forum crew drop in for a visit, even if it is just to say "G'day"


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Looks interesting. Could you post a link to the .sce file plse? Tnx.:clin:

Sorry the mission is made in german language and I don`t have the password.


D u k e

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