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UK Armour Sunday 24/01/2016


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TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

Clearing Fjärrby V3.sce



5 hours ago the Russians took the village of Fjärrby, and the Brigade commander wants it taken back in order to secure the clearing up along road 15. T-80, T72 along with Mech Infantry have been reported as present. The remnants of our battalion have been given orders to proceed immediately with all units available.


1-5 and 2-5 tank platoon + 1 Co tank

1x mech inf platoon

1x mortar section


Form up at PL LD. TAKE FJÄRRBY (OBJECTIVE IMOLA), secure the road to FJÄRRBY KYRKA (CHURCH) and take FJÄRRBY KYRKA (OBJECTIVE PADOVA). Expect enemy contact after ENY line at Road 125.

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crew list:

1st SQN Command Elements

65 SQN CO (Leo2A5DK) : Swordsmandk

76 FO (M113 FO) : Major Duck

1st PLT (Leo2A5)

11 PLT CO (15) (Leo2A5DK) : Hedgehog

12 (Leo2A5DK) : Mac508pl

13 (Leo2A5DK) : Herbs

14 PLT SG (16) (Leo2A5DK) : CavGunner

2nd PLT (Nordic Platoon)(Leo2A5DK)

21 PLT CO (25) (Leo2A5DK) : Dr.Hat

22 (Leo2A5DK) : NO/DK

23 (Leo2A5DK) : Danish_Squid

24 PLT SG (26) (Leo2A5DK) : Xboxtrollen

3rd PLT (Deutsche Zug / PzBtl911) (Leo2A5)

31 PLT CO (35)(Leo2A5) : Grenny/Ronin(911)

32 (Leo2A5) : Falli(911)

33 (Leo2A5) : Ricopico(911)

34 PLT SG (36) (Leo2A5) : Duke(911) if no new episode of Barnaby :clin:

1st PNINF PLT / 4th COY (Attached to 1st SQN)

11 PLT CO (15) (CV9035DK) (45 on SQN Command Net) : Tjay

12 (CV9035DK) : Kingtiger

13 (CV9035DK)

14 PLT SG (16) (CV9035DK) (46 on SQN Command Net) : Crusty

45 PNMMT (2 x M106A1) (88 on SQN Command Net) : Major Duck

1st OPKL PLT 1. Esk/GHR (Recon) This is a maybe depends on amount of people

11 (Eagle)

12 (Eagle)

13 (Eagle)

14 (Eagle)

15 PLT CO (15) (Leo 1A5DK) (55 on SQN Command Net)

16 PLT CO (16) (Leo 1A5DK) (56 on SQN Command Net)

17 (M113 + INF)

18 (M106A1)

19 (Merc240 GD Command)

58 Supply (2 x Man Supply)

58A Ambulance (2 x Ambulance)

78 ARV

All orange call signs are on SQN Command net

Edited by Major duck
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Because we have a run into a luxury problem aka there are no more room in the Tanks we have expanded the scenario with a 3rd Platoon of Tanks and way more enemy's plus we have made the front broader so we can actually attack with a whole SQN.

So keep signing up everybody is welcome

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I have moved CavGunner to 1st PLT (Until we might get more people) then i might move him to 3rd, there are reasons for that , because if we ain't getting more people then we have 1st PLT mostly full off English speaking people (Sorry CavGunner :clin: ).

2nd PLT is all danish and we might have either a Dane or a Norwegian joining or both, it needs to be seen (Norwegians and Danes understand each other mostly).

We might even have a problem if the Canadians and Germans joins as well, i have a plan for that as well in the form of a Danish Heavy recon PLT or Section, but that's in the future.

But i kept people out of 3rd if we get enough people that speak the same language then they will get that, then we can make a recon PLT/SEC for others depending on turnup after that we will be multicrewing

And with Tjay and Crusty in the Mech INF they are able to cope so right now it is looking good. (Still if somebody wants a spot here there are still free spots there as well)

These reasons are why i sort of have dragged with the update sorry about that :bigsmile:

But hey its a l luxury problem a very nice one we hopefully can repeat some more in the future but we have a version of the scenario ready that can handle both so no worry :gun:

Best regards

Major Duck

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