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UK Armour Sunday 24/01/2016

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Damn, I was hoping we'd get the open ground south of Snapphane Skogen for our AOR too...guess the BN CO had other plans ;-)

Year our CO was lazy and he is also our Scenario modder and with all the guys signing up we had to make a quick and dirty with randomness so he wont know which way the enemy comes after us :bigsmile:

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An excellent evening and a highly successful mission. We fielded 3 plts of Leos with all seats bar one filled, plus a plt of CV90s with all seats filled. Plus 1 x C.O and 1 x F.O makes 17 present.

First MP for Danish Squid and first time with UKA for Wiglif. We hope they will choose to become regular members.

Due to the large numbers the original mission as depicted on the Warning Order map had to be expanded with a wider front and much stiffer opposition.

Excellent commanding by Swordsman saw the mission accomplished with the loss of 3 tanks and 1 CV90 and 1 CV90 immobilised during the final assault on the first objective. The video by Duke - complete with TS soundtrack gives a detailed account for those interested. The SB .aar file can be found here:


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Excellent turnout. Minimal wasted time setting up...

What are we working on:

1. Next sunday mission will be posted later today

2. Test mission with Red force being controlled by peopel that is a hell of a lot more dangerous than the AI

3. Bigger scenarios that can support squadron plus(+) size

Just to know we are not leaning back....

Oh and Duke made his Barnaby series in time...

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Oh and Duke made his Barnaby series in time...

I am so glad he caught it, because Barnaby is more important then family :clin:

Had a nice time diddent hit everything with my arty as you can see on Dukes video

I think that is mainly because we can't get a precise heading like we can irl either with GPS or a compass or from the map because the maps/3D aint precise enough , the houses all look the same and there are not enough distinguishing features out there, this could be solved with a Compass rose in the Gunner/Commanders Sight both inside and out and a direction marking tool on the map view so we can draw from any feature put in a direction and distance and we know exactly where we are looking.

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