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Im Memoriam - Honor our fallen virtual tankers here

D u k e

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Hi guys,

I think the most of the old members here know manteuffel.

I know some of you met him personally like Daskal, Furia or Ssnake.

He was one of us and now he is dead. He died on the 25th of january 2016 after a serious illness.

We want to make something like a commemorative event and want to play some of his missions.

I don`t know how many missions we will play, maybe it will be an open end event.



D u k e




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I'll be there.

I heard from mantuffel recently, he knew the end was coming and continued to put in work on terrain maps anyway. That is dedication! Hopefully his work here and in the "real world" will live on for a long time.

Rest in peace.

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RIP Mr Map maker. :)

Unfortunately I will be away that weekend on selection to be a RL Army Reserve tanker.

"The 36 hour Interview"

Thats Ok, I just need to write a letter to your future unit: Under no circumstances train him as an FO. Never! (esp. around some trees)


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Sad news. His maps are among the best. Much, if not most, of the community's enjoyment can be directly attributed to his efforts, and that is not an overstatement. As just one example, Red Tide would not have been possible without his effort.

He was definitely a contributor to the community. He will be missed.

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My graphics card collapsed late last week and I got the new one installed yesterday. I've just found this thread and send my belated condolences to Manteuffel's family. Requiescat in pace.

I very much regret that I will not be able to join you all on the 20th. I am contracted to conduct computer simulation training for our military, and I will be away over that weekend as part of the team conducting simulation training for a reserve brigade about seven hours from home. Would that it were not the case, but I'm afraid that it is. The best I can do is to raise a glass in memory of Manteuffel and another to you all who will be marking his passing in a most appropriate way. "Well Done" to all Steel Beasts members! :thumbup: :@!:

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  • Sean changed the title to Im Memoriam - Honor our fallen virtual tankers here

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