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Im Memoriam - Honor our fallen virtual tankers here

D u k e

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Thanks for a lovely event Pz911, D u k e and other friends. I had to pull the pin at 1000 my time due to some family responsibilities as Alfa was heading to Brigade replen.

Got to participate in the salute which was touching (RIP Manteuffel and thanks for the maps) and mission one was looking in good shape for the final push when I had to leave. Salute to Alfa comrades and good luck on following 'not so easy' missions.

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One Salute and Five Missions and we called it quits.

Eleven and a half hours with much enjoyment had by all.

My thanks to the PzBtl 911 team for putting it together and for the works for the man himself.

He was only with us briefly but the impact of his contributions will last a long, long time.

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I'm absolutely shocked. I have been out of the loop reading the forums lately (busy with parenting), and have only learned of this while reading 4.0 release notes just a minute ago:


"The Hannover-Weserbergland and Paderborn maps have been updated by our friend Michael “Manteuffel” Sielemann. Unfortunately he did not live to see the results of his effort in the new terrain engine, but died in early 2016. We will remember him."


I was hoping this to be some sort of sick internal easter egg, but unfortunately it isn't. We have met personally in 2014 when he was passing through Hungary and staying in Budapest for a couple of days. He was one of the nicest chap I have met and we had a great night out getting wasted and going full-on fanboying about Steel Beasts making maps etc. We were only having beers, but the next day he missed his plane due to us being thirsty. I have been actively talking to him during 2015 and we even planned a joined holiday in Germany, going to Munster, and getting me hooked with the rest of PzB 911....


Last photo taken from our night out:





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It is with the greatest of sorrow and respect, that I now add the name of Dboy/Dlad with a heavy hand and heart, to the list of people that we will have to live without and miss. @dlad sadly passed away on the 9´th of November 2020, unknown to anyone of us.

Derek Hannan as his real name was had been a core member of the community for years and not just with Kanium.

He was a gentle, friendly and easy going man who never had a harsh word for anyone, but always time to help anyone. He was one of the rare type of people who offended no one but was friendly with all, without being submissive.
His knowledge was substantial, but never thrust upon anyone.

I have played with him for years, but would happily have played with him for many more.

I have only the deepest respect for him, and will miss him dearly.

The world just got a little smaller.


Requiescat in pace Derek and my thoughts goes out to his family too.


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