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UK Armour Sunday 21 February 2016


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TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

Panzer Leader's very latest mission - Mechanised Infantry Company Attack on Gerhausen. First time as an open SB event after many hours of refining and beta testing!

Team Bravo of TF 2-15 Cav, consisting of two platoons of four M2A1 Bradleys, one platoon of four IPM1s, a further two M2A1s in company headquarters, plus a M981 FIST vehicle is tasked with taking Gerhausen from elements of the 11th Guards Tank Division in order to use it as a jumping off point for a brigade attack on Kirchheim next day. Objective must be secured by 19:00 and then defended against expected counter attack.

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Manning list

Sign up with a post and the position you want

Black 6 CO (M2A1 Bradley) : Grenny/Ronin

Black 5 XO (M2A1 Bradley) : Zipuli

Black 9 FO ( M981 FIST ) : Zipuli

White 1 PLT CO (M2A1 Bradley) : Tjay

White 2 (M2A1 Bradley) : 12Alfa

White 3 (M2A1 Bradley) : Zaphod

White 4 PLT SG (M2A1 Bradley) : Crusty

RED 1 PLT CO (M2A1 Bradley) : Swordsmandk

RED 2 (M2A1 Bradley) : Wiglif

RED 3 (M2A1 Bradley)

RED 4 PLT SG (M2A1 Bradley) : Hedgehog

Blue 1 PLT CO (M1IP Abrams) : Major Duck

Blue 2 (M1IP Abrams) : Fifty

Blue 3 (M1IP Abrams) : Cavgunner

Blue 4 PLT SG (M1IP Abrams) : Mac508pl

Gold (Support / ARV)

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aaaaand for our regulars that are thinking: Heeeey - There is only one plt of tanks!

I can only say Yep...

,but the comming three sundays after this is gonna be a tank fest...

1. 28th tank hvy scenario

2. 6th start of UK armor Mini-Campaign (more to follow) this week

3. 13th "Defense of Hameln" mission with Oleg and his Guys running red.

2xCompany (+) defending South of Hannover.

So lets try and see how KT and his Guys normally fool around in these tin cans.

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Well Red is currently scripted with reinforcements, etc. triggered by specific events so you may run the risk of changing its playabilty.

E.g. Mission end might be based on Red no longer having units in a defined region. A Red player may move units out of the region as part of their deployment.

End result mission ends straight away because that condition was satisfied albeit unintentionally. :)

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