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UK Armour Sunday 21 February 2016

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Well Red is currently scripted with reinforcements, etc. triggered by specific events so you may run the risk of changing its playabilty.

E.g. Mission end might be based on Red no longer having units in a defined region. A Red player may move units out of the region as part of their deployment.

End result mission ends straight away because that condition was satisfied albeit unintentionally. :)

Thanks for the advice Mark. :) Actually, we very rarely change anything other than the vehicle types (and sometime numbers) and c/s on the Blue side. So far, we haven't encountered any difficulties doing that.

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Exellent. Acoording to the briefing, we are facing an enemy in prepared positions in a terrain that greatly favors the defender and under a thight time scedule while the Cav has failed to maintain contact.

In short: all looks fine :-)

My intent is to attack GERSHAUSEN from the NORTH and WEST with one IFV plt each under overwatch by the tanks, clear GERHAUSEN till H+65 and the establish mounted/dismounted defensive positions on the east side of GERHAUSEN, with the tanks supporting from a deep BP.

For coordination we use reference point Whiskey(W) at grid 3800 3100.



-move east and go to a turret down position close to W -06 +02, stay their a BPT move into a fire support position blue 1 at W -05 +02 on order

-once RED and WHITE start thei attacks, move to BP blue 2 IOT provide fire support for red and white


-move south east and est. contact with 1-7 Cav

-get into (covered)BP red 1 at LD ARGON

-conduct recon along the low ground (red 2) till PL XENON IOT recce attack route towards OBJ

-gather red at PL XENON and conduct attack on order IOT bind enemy in OBJ MOLINE from the front


-move north east together with BLACK 9

-support/cover BLACK 9 on setting up OP 1

-move on into the low ground at W +00 +09

-recce attack route along white 2

-on order, attack OBJ from the north as the MAIN EFFORT, IOT cut off enemy LOC and destroy enemy forces in OBJ MOLINE together with RED


-establish OP 1

-overwatch recce movements and attacks of RED and WHITE


-neutralize enemy a tgt point 3001, 3002, 3003

-suppress enemy on and in proximity to tgt point 2002

-blind enemy on ridge line (tgt point 3001)


-move with BLACK9

-provide close protection to BLACK9

-support coordination of attack from OP-1


Stay in covered Pos at ALLENDORF

BPT to move into GERSHAUSEN on order

BPT support all plt on order


I'll be moving with WHITE

Coordination of the defence once OBJ is taken.

General Idea: BLUE stays at blue 2

red at center GERSHAUSEN

WHITE in area W +11 +07(close to the small lake)




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Mission Done. Still sweating...

Lessons learned:

1. Our previous running almost on time messed up a bit here.

- Have spare CO plan ready.

- Plz if possible meet up 10 minutes early.

2. Train more on Mech before leading it. Thx to Hedge for good feedback.

3. Buy minefield radar.... (2nd time in a row)

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