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Desert Convoy Escort

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I have just submitted my New sce to the downloads.

There are a couple of screen shoots on the we love screenshots thread:


Have attepted somethin different this time and have worked on the scoring.

Bases built of ISOs take forever to build but seem to work.

Anyway feedback always welcome!


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"Some Personal Observations From Someone Who Was There":

My troops advanced fairly well:

* Tks moving on the flanks, parallel to the Convoy, but a few km away. This way they can avoid the dangerous cities & infantry and focus on long range threat of Eny armor (where ever they might be).

We got only a few tks here, so have to take care of them !

* Lav's & CV 90's remained close to convoy to deal with short range threats, clear roads throufg cities etc ...

We were a bit confused by the number of msg flashing by us at beginning of msn:

who was talking to who ? where were all those helo's flying to ? etc ...

But maybe we were too hasty to depart, and didn't study the briefing & callsigns enough... ?

(& being a non-native english speaker, a lot of the jargon was rather difficult to understand: "collapse" a replen ? etc ...)

Anyway, it's really really better to have msg, then none at all !!

1 st ambush was dealt with properly, I think a bit before 1st city we went through.

ASLAV's crews' behviour was sometimes substandard: firing in the ground in front of the targets and so on. THey need to be retrained (their designers know this, I think).

We hit Trigger 1 at start of mission, which was unneccesary (was a bit unclear), but also did not harm. Luckily Eny arty was absent.

Replen went well.

Interesting bases indeed, with those ISO's. When I think about the poor guy who must have taken a lot of time to build them ... !!

Coming back, the real show started:

* At first red armor on right flank - luckily rather passive & so easy to deal with. If they had used their speed, and cut at us with it, it would have been much more dangerous.

And if they didn't want to move (eg. to cover their inf in the city ?), maybe they should have remained longer in hiding ? Now we spotted them from km's away & so could maneouver our tks towards them.

Still strange a bit: a single red tkplt operating on its own ?

* Then, suddenly red inf popping up in a city we had to go through again !

Ha, they did it too early, so we were not surprised & could deal with them from a distance with CV & courageous ASLAV PC. The Red inf-commander should have been more cautious ?

* But then red armor counterattacked us from the left flank: CV's wiped out, some tks too, but we could contain them.

We were lucky that we could deal with the red inf at first & the armored ctr-attack later; imagine if they had sprung the trap at the same time ... (is how we, Blue, would do it - gosh, we're sooo smart !)

Of course, I admit, this is NO easy feat for the red commander to accomplish - requires a lot (maybe too much) of planning in the AI-world of the red HQ...

Another thing: units suddenly popping up/spawing is IMHO also unpleasant to deal with. Unrealistic, in a realistic mission, again imHo.

? Maybe Red was a bit too suicidary inclined ?

* Shouldn't Red inf retreat when their protecting tk-plt was destroyed ?

* Cfr. also the continued red ctr-attack: shouldn't they retreat when losses mount & it's clear that they can't beat our tks but are slaughtered ? E.g. retreat to safe distance to fire ATGM's ...

Yet, again this would ask a lot of planning on red side (too much maybe).

And overall, Red is in most SB-missions too suicidary, no ?

* Apart from all this: Red did deliver a fine effort in trying to defeat us !

We bow before their efforts !

We asked and got Tiger support (but were not warned about when they were ready).

Also, maybe the convoy should have communicated a bit more with us (e.g. ack when a trigger made them move forward) ??

It all ended in a defeat though, when real life made us abort the msn.



Thx for making the mission - enjoyed it: interesting tactical challenge.

All in all it was quite an adventure, quite a battle - my men fought well ...

This is what I use SB for.

Hope you don't mind my Humble remarks, is just a personal subjective opinion.

Which others of your msn do you recommend ?


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And for the fellow SB-players:

which other convoy-missions would you recommend ?

rgds K

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Many thanks for your comments.

Trust me creating those ISO container basis did take some time... but once you start.

The various messages at the start are for the eye candy and atmospherics of other operations ongoing by computer controlled units within the AO.

The triggers relate to the movment of the convoy. They will commence their move once the escorts are in place. Triggers allow the convoy to move on from their various RVs to the next.

The enemy are a little keen and uncorrdinated to reperasent insurgents rather than a trained military force with limited resources. But I do hear what you are saying.

I hope though this is the kind of thing people are after. I am hoping to produce some Tp/Pl sized scenario but it is just a case of finding the time. Pl/Tp msns take more time as they have to be set in a realistic context which means a massive amount of blue force scripting etc etc.

Many tanks!

Charlie B

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