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UK Armour/Kanium Sunday 27/03/20

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This Sunday we are doing a first mission by Xboxtrollen of Kanium but as Swordsman and Co are busy working on upcoming Kanium missions UKA will do the admin - like creating this thread and managing the manning list! 





Where: TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077


The Town That Was Callsigns updated.sce

Excerpts of the Battalion Commander's orders for defending the town against a heavy and sustained assault.
 a) Enemy:   
 Reports indicate a large number of tanks with support vehicles and APC's coming from the north. We have no indication of then enemy's primary attack direction.  
 b) Own:   
3 Platoons of Leopard 2A5 
 1 Platoon of CV9030-Fi plus additional CV9030-Fi with Javelin team
2) MISSION:   
Defend the town at all cost. Reinforcements have an ETA of 1 hour. 6 Apache's are on their way to assist but their ETA is unknown.
Move your assets around in order to meet the various threats as they appear. There a number of scrapes for enhanced defense. Ammunition usage will be heavy so be sure to preserve your resuply trucks and manage your replenishment programme carefully. Although the idea is obviously to kill as many enemy as possible at long range, the Mech Infantry may come in useful if any make it to close range by clever use of approach routes etc.

4) Game:
The Scenario will end in a little over an hour or if Red gain control of the town.


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  • Sean changed the title to UK Armour/Kanium Sunday 27/03/20



A66. Leo 2A5 C.O Tjay


1st Platoon Leo 2A5

Tango 11 O/C Swordsman

Tango 12 Roerbaek

Tango 13

Tango 14 Major Duck


2nd Platoon Leo 2A5

Tango 21 O/C Gibson

Tango 22

Tango 23

Tango 24 Tank Hunter


3rd Platoon Leo 2A5

Tango 31 O/C 12Alfa

Tango 32

Tango 33

Tango 34 Cavgunner


4th Platoon (Mech Inf) CV9030-Fi

India 11 O/C King Tiger

India 12 Wiglif

India 13

India 14

India 15 (Javelin)

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This is an excellent mission for a 'first time C.O' as it doesn't involve a complex attack plan but is basically the management of a defense. Additional annotations have already been applied to the map to make things even easier. I suggest the main tasks are:


1. Allocate Engagement Areas for the various battle positions.

2. Allocate two resupply areas for the Western and Eastern battle positions.

3. Have a rough idea in your head as to how you will manage resuply during the mission. (Hint: start early to avoid a log jam later!)


As this is a fairly short mission, I'm sure people won't mind if you would like to seek assistance in drawing up your plan with assistance/advice from one or two more experienced players. I will send the .sce file to whoever volunteers so they can have plenty of time to suss out the terrain and general situation.


So, a volunteer please? If no one steps up you will have to put up with me for the second week running - and I'm sure no one wants that!!

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Please note that due to European Daylight Saving Time starting this weekend (Sunday 02:00), the time of this event has changed to 18:00 GMT to preserve a local time of 19:00 in UK and 20:00 in Denmark.

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