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Machine broke. Upgrade Q.

Pop Smoke

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Hmm, well Ssnakes post seems to indicate that the codemeter will be ok with the 64 bit version, and I am planning on using a nVidia GeForce 9800GT 512MB PCI-E card and Omega drivers have released the new vista 64 drivers for Nvidia cards, I have always used Omega drivers for my ATI cards in the past and found them very stable. So, has anyone tried this setup an and still found it troublesome?

Thanks for all replies! :)

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I wasnt really referring to SB pro and 64 bit. I was referring to 64 bit driver support in general. You will have a good time finding drivers for everything you need.....

Do you really have a need for more than 3GB of ram?

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Well, I guess that in the medium to long run most new computers will probably switch to 64 bit Vista. If that is the case - my impression is that many PC vendors are promoting this - then it will build pressure on the driver developers to support it.

The biggest obstacles seems to be the driver architecture of Vista itself, and the necessity to have them signed and certified by Microsoft if they are somehow related to HD video and audio signals. Granted, the number of applications that actually NEED more than 3 GByte is still relatively small, but I guess that the ever growing hunger for video memory for lush and detailed virtual environments will sooner or later bring us the first 64 bit "option" games, followed in a few years by the fist "64 bit only" game.

Personally I don't see the need to make the transition NOW, but then again I am buying new PCs more often than the average user and therefore I can avoid to wait until we have a really mature 64 bit environment.

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Well apart from Pro PE I also would like to run Flight Sim 10 and hopefully FS 11 when it is released, I imagine that it will have a fairly high requirement and will probably have a 64 bit option (do you think?)

What I do not want to do is spend money now only to have to spend even more in the near future because I did not get the best set up for the purpose I could afford now.

But, if a 32 bit version of vista would serve as well, perhaps that is the way to go?

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