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Poland Armed Forces Modernization.


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Hmm....the Leo 2 PL is obviously based on the A4 model......what about the A5s you just bought ? weren't they suppose to be upgraded to PL as well ? 


Yep, priority have Leopard 2A4's, Leopard 2A5's might be upgraded in future, right now they are considered as adequate.



Oh and the Anders looks great :-) .......any info about its weight , power pack etc ? 


Not yet, the vehicle was rebuilded completely, as it's modular so it;s configuration was changed.


In the past however in light tank variant it weighted 33 metric tons combat loaded, and powerpack was powered by 8V199 TE20 diesel.



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PDF information PT-16: 


it's all in polish, but apparently it's got a 120mm gun and is capable of firing DM-53. 

it also has estimated penetration numbers for DM-53: 630-660mm at 2000m

it has bustle autoloader with 22 rounds, and reload speed of 5 seconds. 

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autotranslation of text: 


En-LFI: KompleKsouia modernization CZOtgdUl T-72 / PT-91

Despite the introduction into service of tanks Leopard 2 tanks most frequently represented the Army are still cars T-72 and derived 
from them, profoundly modernized PT-91. There is also a large foreign market, 
created by dozens of countries-users of vehicles of this type. Therefore OBRUM Sp. o.o. 
and ZM Bumar-Łabędy SA propose the modernization package, which aims to: increase the firepower and maneuver to improve 
the parameters of the fire, raising osłonności ballistic, increasing mobility, 
as well as increasing the comfort of the crew and extend the duration of the mission. The project received an initial name PT-16.

Basic deficiencies tanks T-72 family are:

• little firepower, resulting from the use of outdated ammunition for its ability to pierce armor RHA thickness up to 300 mm;

• inefficient maneuver fire, due to the outdated drives the tower and cannon;

• cannon with low efficiency, which is the result of an asymmetric arrangement of one oporopowrotnika and location pins cannon below the axis of the barrel of a cannon, causing pick up a barrel before firing;

• short support team jet in the cradle without the possibility of appeal backlash;

• Low power factor unit;

• location of the storage of ammunition and ammunition in a range of additional manned;
Predicted parameters of the modernized tank middle class PT-16
General Specifications
Class tank: Medium
Weight Battle: ok.47.St
Crew: 3 people
Unit pressure to the ground: 0.98 MPa (0.99 kgf / cm?)

■ with a barrel ahead: 10030 mm
• from the barrel to the rear: 9670 mm
- Hull length: 6860 mm
Width and Height:
- Armored ERAWA screens side: 3702 mm
• screens side (without ERAWY): 3340 mm
• height of the hatch commander: 2,405 mm
- The height of the instrument commander: 2,602 mm
■ to escape hatch in the bottom of the hull 395 = 35 mm

travel speed
A variant of the transmission: 1 (I000KM) II (I088KM) III (I200KM)
Average in a difficult area: 30 km / h 35 km / h to 40 km / h
After the dirt roads 45 km / h to 50 km / h to 60 km / h
Maximum road racing 62 km / h 65 km / h to 70 km / h
Maximum rear: 15 km / h 33 km / h 33 km / h

Overcoming obstacles
The maximum angle of inclination of the longitudinal: 57.796 (30 °)
The maximum angle of inclination: 46.6% (25 °)
The width of the trench: 2.8 m
Obstacle vertical (wall): 0.85 m
The depth of the water hazard (without preparation): Urn
The depth of the water hazard after preparation: 1.8 m
The depth of the water hazard on the bottom: 4.0 m

TG MSB 120 (alternatively KBK2)

Smooth full including sweat under 120 mm caliber SO ie. 6000 mm 6903 mm

półsamoczynnego action horizontally opening 70 to 300 mm 310 mm 2600 kg

730 MPa

120 * 570 by all types. NATO standard (including ammunition with increased przebijalności type DM53 / DM63 and ammunition class ABM) 1710 m / s

630 to 660 mm (value understated to the manufacturer by approx. 40 mm)
Velocity for missiles APfSDST: Estimated thickness przebiciapancerza RHA ammunition DMS3 over a distance of 2000 m:
Modernization to increase firepower and maneuver fire cannon

* Indications:


The possibility to exchange the barrel without dismantling the tower:

Caliber Barrel:

Barrel length:

The total length of the cannon:


Nominal length recoil:

The maximum length of recoil:

Weight gun:

The maximum gas pressure:

Automatic loading (120 mm ammunition merged)

Location: magarynująco-power unit at the rear of tower

Capacity: 22 rounds of ammunition to the programmed destination

Type of machine: belt with lockable window redirection

 Controls: with | Desktop gunner or commander by SKO
Drive: electric and manual emergency
* charging ammunition: and the outside and from the inside, with automatic recognition of the type of the bullet
The control system and diagnostic: associated with SKO, integrated into the ALU
The rate of redirection: 12 pcs ^ min.
Automatic identification
types of ammunition: according to AEP-26
Nin. power load: 1500 N
Nin. acceleration of charge: 105 m / s3
Nin. loading speed: 2.1 m / s
Loading and unloading: according to AEP-26
Arming anti-: Remote Controlled Module Armament
Type: ZSHUA4
Arming WKM 12.7 Bi or GA 40
Location: the ceiling of the tower on the module
Power: Electric
* Controls: Desktop commander or gunner
Dead zones: the program
rifle exchange rate
Type: UKN 2000C
Location: upward, coupled with gun
Drives tower and cannon
The system drives the tower and cannon includes:
- Teams electric drive axis azimuth and elevation,
- Drivers drive axis azimuth and elevation,
■ sensor units for measuring angles. , Velocity and position.
The parameters of the drive system of the tower and cannon:
Tower (azimuth):
- Angular range in azimuth: nx360 "
- Parameters metastasis axis azimuth:
• Maximum angular velocity:> 0.6 rad / s
- Maximum ACCEL * Sheni Angle:> 0.S rad / s3
Cannon (elevation):
- Angular range in elevation: -S.0 * -s- + 16.0 °
• parameters of metastasis in the axis of elevation:
- Maximum angular velocity:> 0.2 rad / s
- The maximum angular acceleration:> 05 rad / s3
Error / fault instantaneous: +/- 0.45 mrad (for S0-%
the probability of hitting the target
2,3m x 2,3m. from a distance of 2000 m)
Ninimalna. n * zero angular velocity:
in azimuth and elevation: <0.5 mrad / s
Manual control of drives: yes, in Safe Mode
The possibility of introducing min. 2
User-prohibited zones (horizontal and vertical)
Dissallow defend the tower yes. with open hatches.
with the possibility of deliberate exclusion
(Except for the driver's hatch)
Communication with the SKO in:
• Control drive systems
- Set and finished extortion control signals.

• jednoosiowa stabilization instruments sights

• outdated system SKO.

Conducted in OBRUM work study and analysis suggest the possibility and desirability of further modernization of the PT-91 tanks, 
mainly in terms of increasing the firepower and survival on the battlefield and the comfort of the crew.

The modernization of armored equipment, as the most economical form of acquisition of a new generation of equipment, 
is widely used

in all armies of the world. An example would be the development of the T-72B3 to the level of T-90 MS, 
as well as the development of the Leopard 2 tank, from 2A4 to 2A7 level, along with numerous variations. 
This process also applies Abrams tanks 2 and Merkabah.

Offer of PT-16 is an initiative directed to industrial users tanks T-72 / PT-91. 
which are both available armored SZ RR and other foreign members of the family cars T-72, including tanks PT-91M.

The scope of the reconstruction has been defined in packages of modernization. 
You can adjust the scope of the modernization of the defined customer expectations, 
both in terms of achievement of the expected parameters of tactical and technical. 
as well as adaptation to the customer FIT program budget.

The package, which is a comprehensive range of modernization, presented on the object PT-16 concerns

1. increase the firepower including by:

■ S to change the caliber cannons of 125 mm, split-powered ammunition, caliber 120 mm ammunition integrated, 
compatible with NATO standards, including ammunition with increased przebijalności type DM53 / DM63 (or equivalent) 
and ammunition type of ABM;

S use of the automatic loading;

S improve stability through the use of new drive tower and cannon;

S introduction of dynamic measurement of the deflection of the barrel guns (MRS).

2. Raising the ballistic resistance of the tank, among others, by:

S increase in passive ballistic tower;

• S modular use of reactive armor type ERAWA I ERAWA and 2;

S introduction of nets against missiles and RPG ED.

3. Increase the traction parameters, especially in the field

including difficult through:

^ Increase the power unit on the way changes in the drive system (the ability to use the type of power-pack);

s changes in the bieżnym.

4. The introduction of, among others, systems:

S battlefield management (BMS)


Power transmission system

The modernization program provides for the use of the three variants of the transmission:

Option I: the change of the existing engine, along with changes in goods

rzyszącymi on engine power IOOOKM Option II: the introduction of the current space of the compartment drive

tional system power-pack with a capacity of 1088 hp. with the changes associated Option III: introduction to the current range of space propulsion system power-pack with a capacity of 1200 HP, along with changes associated circuit racing

The modernization program are envisaged:

Elastomeric bumpers on S I, 2, and 6. The pair of support wheels.

S hydraulic shock absorbers with characteristics controlled, S track with rubber inserts and grutozaczepami.

These actions increase the average speed in the area, return-POWER to and comfort.

A comprehensive modernization program

These examples of major technical solutions proposed modernization represent the most important parameters of the tactical-no-technical and do not include all the possible further measures, including:

S masking improve static and dynamic in the field of optical and radar

S lowering thermal signature,

S to improve the comfort of the crew,

S changes in internal and external communication,

S active defense system of the vehicle (ASOP) against the effects of attack ppk, RPG and ED and the explosion of mines and IEDs,
S additional sources of supply on-board network,

S and others.

For potential users is available a full suite of possible solutions for modernization, and the final offer will be developed on the basis of its requirements.

In addition, the product offer to potential clients covers, made on the basis of tank T-72 / PT-91 and operated in the SZ RR vehicle security of combat operations and equipment trainer - training and simulators:

S Armoured Recovery Vehicle type CTM CTM 3 or 4,

S Tank sapper MID,

S bridge accompanying class MLC 70/110 to overcome obstacles to a width of 20 m.

S position of trainer-training to learn the construction of vehicles,

S vehicles school to learn to drive.

S trainers and simulators.
Power-pack of engine 1088 or 1200 KM - dedicated to the modernization of tanks Class PT-16 - providing turn around its axis

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1 minute ago, ChrisWerb said:

Great video Damian! i'm assuming that is the command vehicle for Krab batteries? Am I right in thinking that there is some MTLB ancestry there?


Yes it's LPG (Lekkie Podwozie Gąsienicowe - Light Tracked Chassis) which actually only uses suspension, road wheels, sprockets and idlers from MT-LB, chassis itself is completely new, have new MTU engine, new transmission and other stuff, and yes indeed it's command vehicle for Krab batteries.


BTW some more videos.

Here at 12:55 we can see Bumar-Łabędy tank factory, right now there is a lot of investitions going there to bring this factory back to it's full potential.


Right now factory is moving on with F6 level maintnance work (refurbishment) of Leopard 2A4's and preparing them for modernization. Also T-72M1, PT-91 and WZT-3 vehicles are being refurbished there.


And some videos containing stuff from this year MSPO.



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34 minutes ago, ChrisWerb said:

Are the K9 Thunder-hulled Krabs entirely built in Poland now or are you still buying the hulls in?


120 AHS Krab will be ordered (at least for now, more maybe in future), 24 hulls will be made in South Korea, 96 in Poland.


Turrets, main armament, electronics etc. are completely made in Poland.

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7 minutes ago, Grenny said:

Man, I'd love to see those polish T-"72" and...oh what basicly all it (Rosomak, Leo2PL) in Steelbeasts.


Maybe one day Ssnake has some luck aquiring a contract with the MoD right of the Oder :-)


Ha, this would amazing indeed. By the way I know that 11 Armored Cavalry Division uses some old version of Steel Beasts Pro, probably given by the German Army with all these simulators for the "Leopard" training center.


PS. SB Pro PE T-72M1 can be used with proper camouflage texture as Polish one, PT-91 on the other hand is a different story, believe it not, outside soldiers, nobody knows how Drawa/Radew FCS works (in terms of visuals). Altough T-72B1 with Kontakt-1 ERA can be used as substitute for now.

Also retextured Leopard 2A4's and Leopard 2A5's in standard German configuration can be used. ;)

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1 minute ago, Damian90 said:


Ha, this would amazing indeed. By the way I know that 11 Armored Cavalry Division uses some old version of Steel Beasts Pro, probably given by the German Army with all these simulators for the "Leopard" training center.

Probably not SB. The trainers a run with a software made by Rheinmetal themselfes. If the forests are "green walls of doom", then its the 1980's version ;-)

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8 minutes ago, Grenny said:

Probably not SB. The trainers a run with a software made by Rheinmetal themselfes. If the forests are "green walls of doom", then its the 1980's version ;-)


Maybe but I have here somewhere in my room one of the issues of Nowa Technika Wojskowa magazine, and it's clearly written in article about "Leopard" training center, that they also use Steel Beasts.


Hmmm, I think I gonna need one day to investigate this more.


PS. Altough they have ASPT and AGPT so, perhaps someone confused these with SB?


AGSHP – Ausbildungsgerät Schießsimulator für Handwaffen und Panzerabwehrhandwaffen;
AAT – Ausbildungsanlage Turm;
ASPT – Ausbildungsgerät Schießsimulator Panzertruppe;
AGPT – Ausbildungsgerät Gefechtssimulator Panzertruppe;
AGDUS – Ausbildungsgerät Duellsimulator.


This is full list of trainers in "Leopard" training center.


And some photos.








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