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Poland Armed Forces Modernization.


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1 hour ago, mpow66m said:

Poland just ordeted 280 K2s and are developing the K2PL with them.


Actually we ordered 180 K2's, and with Korea we are developing K2PL which we plan to procure around 820 so in total there will be 1000 K2 and K2PL tanks in Polish Army as per current MoD plans.

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4 hours ago, mpow66m said:

Ok.I thought I heard 280.Whats gonna happen to the Leos?I think we know the fate of thr warsaw pact equiptment.How many Abrams does Poland hv.?


Leopard 2's will stay in service untill enough K2PL's won't be procured, after that, all Leopard 2's will be withdrawn from active service.

As for Abrams, currently we lease 28 M1A2SEPv2's from US Army for training purposes, on order are 116 refurbished M1A1SA's and 250 brand new M1A2SEPv3's, in future more might be ordered. M1A1SA's are planned to be upgraded to M1A2SEPv3 standard at some point in future.

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