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What do you guys think of restarting ARRC? would there be a intresst of it? me and Zip talked about it the other day and some small changes would be made in ARRC.

1. More focus on FMT- Platon level drills/exercises

2. Play more HTH within ARRCs frame (in other words, no capture that square on a 100*100km map)

3. More members creating scenarios. a Coop takes forever to make wich demands that more members actually starts contributing with scenarios or we will have same situation as last time.

4. Abscence notification. worked well in the begining but dissapered in the end. People must notify when they cant come (unless real life decides to shit on you 30mins before start)

5. suggestions?

Would still be played sundays (my only possible day) at around 20:00 GMT.

What do you guys say, any intresst?


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At the ready, if need be!

(I also happen to know a guy who's fairly competent with the mission editor... ;))

You are more then welcome tacbat. :)

but who might that dude be? I know for sure it cant be you ;)

I trully hope most of the Old farts get back into ARRC, was a great bunch.

Zip, have you talked with hairysteed?

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Would love to join but just have too many other commitments to find the time.

Would it be possible to drop in when available?

Cant see a reason why not, from yours scenarios and talk here you are "one of us" in the view of how its ment to be played.

but we havent started yet so no need to hurry :P

And oh... "Hullo" is a forbidden word on ARRC coms net.... :biggrin:

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ARRC will kick of sometime late september as im pretty booked up on sundays and a buffert is needed to create scenarios that can be played.

So either late September/early October we will be on the tracks.

Time and date will be like before. Sundays 20:00 GMT, alternatly 19:00 GMT, the earlier we start the more we can play.

Initially we will do "boring" drills starting with FMT - cooperation inside the tank with commands and dutys and hints.

after that we will move up to platoon so we have 1 player per tank and train platoon combat and from that move up to company exercises.

So you can pretty much say we gonna start from Zero again, wich is needed considering how long we been off.

one of the mayor points we need to practice is radio coms and reporting, im seriusly considering a sunday where we only do missions thats aims on reporting with blind enemys to shoot at etc so we dont get anything in the way and can focus on reporting only.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome as always.


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