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[Kanium] - 11th ACR: Delay at Bad Hersfeld - Sunday April 24th 1800 UTC


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8 hours ago, GaryOwen said:

There should only be a couple dismounts in an M3.  They won't be able to carry more than the AT-4.  Also the brevity codes for the platoons within the cav troops, red, white, blue, green, black; 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, HQ.  1st and 3d were scouts, 2d and 4th were tanks.

thx  - good stuff. will amend next time I change something in the mission.

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I have changed mission to reflect the "insider" knowledge learned. 


Hopefully it's not gonna be to much off on Sunday.  


Abaddon has received the mission and is prepping co planning. 


Look like a fun couple hours. 


NOTE: this also means 2 squads of Bradley so still room for more or spare vehicles in case evil opfor goes crazy. 

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Dr Hat will host. If not we now have 2 maschines with server license. 


So all is good 8)


Also with the addition of a couple extra bradley the Cav troop needs all the people.



ON a side note I would like to add that after the next couple missions. I will focus a bit more on the human OPFOR bit since there seems to be some interest running red teams. So that means a plt or 2 less on blue for easier manning options. I will get a bit more into details after 1 may Campaign Mission. 

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Good evening everybody. I will give the COs warning order so that everybody (especially the platoon leaders) can get themselves familiar with the upcoming mission.








1. Enemy


According to the CO 3 /11 we will be facing an attack by the 172nd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment (MRR). It has seen combat and one of the Motor Rifle Battalions (MRB) is being rearmed and refuelled at the moment. The attack will be led by the 11th Recon Battalion and supported by parts of the 80th Tank Regiment. The enemy has not used FASCAMs to secure it's flanks or to trap our forces. The enemy forces are estimated to arrive to our area of responsibility (AOR) 24APR1800UTC.


2. Estimated Enemy COA in our area of operations


I believe the enemy will be attacking from the north in two axis of attack divided by the river running between the valleys. There will be elements of the 11th Recon Battalion leading both attack paths, force size probably one recon company. The main body of the MRBs will consist of three Motor Rifle Companies (MRC) with tank support (one company) from the MRRs own Tank Battalion.  Elements of the 80th Tank Regiment will be kept back to act as mobile reserve.


An reinforced MRC will attack as the leading force of the MRB and take the hill at 5350, 4200. From there both MRBs will draw their 1st echelons to battle, consisting of two reinforced MRCs. Their objectives will be to take the hill at 5350, 4000 and the town at 5200, 3900. From that point the enemy will draw its 2nd echelon (the rearmed and refuelled leading force and other available troops) to battle and continue to the MRRs objective in Bad Hersfeld.


It is possible that the MRB attacking on the east side of the river will try to cross the river at 5300, 3950 if the enemy counters hard resistance on the west side.




Invader is to set up in the valley north of Bad Hersfeld to delay the enemy attack for at least 60 minutes to enable Kilo and Lima troops to rearm and refuel.




Phase one: Engage enemy from PL ALFA and stop the enemy AT PL BRAVO for at least 30 minutes using FASCAMs and the battle of at least two platoons.


Phase two: Delay the enemy for 15 minutes from PL BRAVO to CHARLIE with four platoons.


Phase three: Stop the enemy at PL CHARLIE for at least 15 minutes with the battle of four platoons.


Phase four: Withdraw over PL ALAMO after minimum 60 minutes.




India1 (mech)


Take up position at BP I1 and engage enemy at EA A1. Be prepared to move to BP L1 on orders.


India2 (tank)


Take up position at BP I2 and engage enemy at EA A1. Be prepared to move to BP L2 on orders.


India3 (mech)


Take up position at BP G2 and engage enemy at EA A2. Move one section to BP F1 and ambush the enemy at EA A2. Be prepared to move to BP G3 on orders.


India4 (tank)


Take up position at BP G1 and engage enemy at EA A2. Be prepared to move to BP G5 on orders.


Hotel1 (CSS)


Take up position at SUPPLY1 and be prepared to rearm India1 and 2. Be prepared to move to SUPPLY2 on orders.


India5 (Mortar)


Take up firing positions at T1 and be prepared to fire at EA A1 and A2. Be prepared to move to FPOS T2 on orders.




COs OPORD for this mission will be given at the tactical command post tomorrow at 1800UTC.





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11 minutes ago, Swordsmandk said:

Yeah. But don't worry to much. We are going to shuffle the positions a bit before we get started so you are not stuck I a Bradley troop by yourself.


Next week is a tank heavy mission so tons of room in tanks if that is your preferable vehicle ?



Happy for anything really. Next week I am away but i am sure I will do many more missions. See you later!

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Simple question: how does one person, handle a 'battalion plus' Red force, including being his own F.O, single handed? Particularly in a terrain where close tactical control at platoon level would appear to be vitally important. And bearing in mind that the Blue C.O was getting a bit nervous when it looked as if his F.O might not show up. Most of us (well me certainly) find being a platoon commander in that sort of mission a full time job. Personally, I was gobsmacked and can't adequately express my admiration for Swordsman's performance. He may have lost, but not by much.

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Well if you recall Rolling Thunder 15, one or two people per scenario coped with Regimental forces (roughly 3 x Bns, plus Arty + atk helos, etc.).


We even had enough suitable people to rotate the job so they weren't Red for every mission.


Here is an example, two people played Red:




Something similar will happen in Rolling Thunder 16 where Red is a Tank Regt (3 x Battalions) plus a Motor Rifle Battalion.


As to "how" you can either script most of the major parts and then tune as Blue responds or be agile. :)


Soviet forces follow doctrine so you know 90% of your plan already, then you just adjust to react to whatever Blue planned.


The other key point is not worry about "a" tank as you usually have a Platoon (or a Company) along with it so messing around in F6 isn't needed that much.

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Added the AAR link
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To be honest I just winged this one. Didnt have any routes planned really. Had a rough estimate of my time objectives and goal. I played opfor on this one. My main goal was not to crush blue but to give them a fighting chance to perform a fighting withdrawl.


Some very nice minefield placement and a good couple artillery strikes delayed me enough that my third MTR COY + supporting tank coy got delayed. I fear Water obstacles more than tanks in the map.


I frapsed my side as red for this and you will notice that some screwups can be found. (damn railroad bridge delaying my Eastern Company waaay to much)


I will definately do this Again soon..


Opfor perspective

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50 minutes ago, chrisreb said:

Swordsmandk - you certainly played it well. Felt very realistic in terms of all the confusion and noise reflecting the view from the grunt on the ground as it were.  Look forward to another one in a couple of weeks.

Next week you mean Chris then we have 2-3 other guys playing opfor in the continuing Ystad landings campaign 1st of May


Kanium Campaign Ystad landings


And there is the Tough Rider 30th of April with the PzBtl 911 which we will also attend 


Tough Rider

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