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T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer Sunday 24/04/16

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T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer 24/04/16 @ 20:00GMT

You can watch it live.  You do NOT need Steel Beasts. http://www.twitch.tv/dogsofwarvu

The Wave by Cougar11
This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.


Mission Summary :
Your company+ of multi-national mechnized forces with infantry support, has been thrust into action to attempt to plug the gap from a breakthrough of Russian forces. You must hold out, or the war is over. A Large Russian force has found a gap in the defenses. Your company is the only thing that can stand in their path.



Date:  24/04/16  Sunday
Time: 20:00 GMT
Time (local): Click Here 
Teamspeak  IP: wait in lobby for access to other areas. Session will be played on SimHQ TS
Room: Dogs of War

All Welcome

For More Info On The Mission -   Click Here  

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It was and intense scenario but we managed to hold the ground. :) RedWardancer's plan worked perfectly. 

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Yeah, I agree 100%


My platoon of leopard 2E was located on rather good defensive positions top of the the 93 / 85-86 grit


Just the sight of enemy tank platoons slowly coming visible to optics and turning into companies was nearly terrifying. I'm not sure of how much enemies there were against our reinforced company. At one point i count 10 platoon of enemy vehicles.


I started trying to engage enemies from under 5000 meters by using emergency mode, and I did get some kills. But at same time, enemies were firing missiles at me already so it was how to say... Frustrating? There were simply so many enemies that it wasn't safe to peek up to see them. And also wasting any shot as a miss would be terrible mistake. My platoon had supply truck nearby, that was used at the beginning rather much. But when it got hot, it was moved away to safer location.


One of our tanks got immobilized at the beginning of furious fighting, yet it still kept knocking enemies down for reasonably long time. before it was destroyed.  I think that was you Lusik, doing great work with it :) 


A little later one of my tanks got Gunners primary sight / laser damage, and I decided to move it to over-watch west, in case if this massive enemy assault would get that far. And in hopes that it with its Auxiliary sight could do better there. 


A little later other of my tank got direct hit on main gun, and would not be use in fight anymore so I send it away from front lines to somewhere safe. (at first using it to measure distances for hot points in other tanks firing position. That i would not have to gues distances)


Near the end yet another of Leopards got main gun damage. :( and at that point it was pointless to try defend as total ammunition left was just less than 10 rounds. So I ordered withdraw to all tanks that were not operational. Those withdraw along the 96th grit towards south.

I took defensive positions behind our original BP and was able to knock some enemies down as they crossed hill of BP. Before I was about to withdraw, 2 leopards from other platoon came to support and that was pretty much when fight was already over. Enemy had only some units alive scattered on the map. 

Total kills on my platoon were many tens, Id estimate of something like near 50? Most of them belong to Lusik anyways.


Personally im most happy that just 1 of my tanks was destroyed. Even when two others got main gun damage. :(


That fight was truly against odds, and if there would been player controlling enemy forces. I think we could not have won it. 


Thank you Cougar for making one great mission. :D 

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