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SB Pro PE 4.0 - The New Features Thread


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Force templates.

I think this is one of the potentially most time-saving new features coming with SB Pro PE 4.0. I have actually mentioned them about a year ago already, some may remember it. Force templates allow mission designers to create entire company combat teams or even battalion size+ ORBATs with but two or three mouse clicks.


Whether you want to save a particular platoon configuration with mixed vehicles, or a combat team with attached and detached forces - you create it once, mark the units that are part of the template, then right-click the selection and pick the "Save To Template" menu entry:




This will bring up a dialog where you can enter a file name, title, and description of your template:




Don't forget to save!




SB Pro will warn you if you forgot it. It will even save the template with the date and time, but it's useless if you don't go back and immediately re-enter the data, or you will forget what the whole thing was about.


Anyway, once that you're done you'll find the files in your folder

My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\export\templates\Default

As you already know from version 3.0 you can unload the troops in the Mission Editor from their transport vehicles, then change them or delete them and attach an entirely different selection of infantry to the IFVs or APCs or whatever. You want a bus with Spetsnatz grannies toting RPG-29 and Sagger missiles? Fox Force Five with AKM and Carl Gustaf recoilless rifles riding on M113s and motorcycles into battle? Go for it!

(You can also, of course, create something slightly less crazy, like the example above).


Nedless to say that the template files can be shared, and if done right, each will save every mission designer lots of minutes not wasted with TO&E tinkering. In other words, it has the potential to become a great productivity boost.


Yes, the template will also save the orientation and relative spacing of units. And you can mark multiple units and change the orientation of their battle positions with a single click & drag action.



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