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2 hours ago, Azure Lion said:

As far as aesthetically pleasing, I like the Polish concept design PL-01 by OBRUM that is based on the CV-90-120. It is simple, clean, and quite functionally futuristic in design.





CV-PL-01 Concept Light Tank.jpg



This thing was just a mockup, the project is long time ago dead because Army didn't wanted a light tank, and demands a true MBT. So Gepard project is currently postponed till requirements will be completed... for something that weights much more than 35 metric tons and have actually armor.

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7 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:



Why would you have a fan on the outside?


It has mud on it.


Still think its all from a Luchs - but I guess we'll find out one way or another in a few weeks.

i didn't interpret that as outside the vehicle, but inside- not mud, but the clumps of dust that tend to collect on fan blades.

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