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SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread


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19 minutes ago, Panzer_Leader said:


Won't you need a crewable M41 DK-1 then too? ;)


Naaa its more fun in Leo 1A5DK1 i dont think esim is going to model a tank there only was 50 made in total even though it was a very succesfull upgrade


And there are scout platonns and sections without the M41dk1 or the leo1A5DK1



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14 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Maybe. The problem is, I'm out of office since last Friday, and will continue to be on the road for another three weeks (I think I wrote that in this forum as early as in March). So I'd need to take that video on my notebook, cut the video on the notebook (I wouldn't like doing it as the notebook isn't very conducive to those kinds of tasks ... but it'd be possible). Where things are beginning to fall apart is uploading the video from a hotel wifi to YouTube. I'm somewhat skeptical that I'll get that to work.


That Release Notes draft you have on there shouldn't be a problem though. :P

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Re Infantry: 

How does this sending a medic to a squad function ?

Sounds interesting !!


And can such a medic revive also armorcrew ?


NB this update is rightly called 4.0 and not 3.xx, so much exiting stuff ! 


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