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SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread


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1 minute ago, mpow66m said:

whats NATO target?

very well done,like a whole new sim.

It always used to be a Pro only 'range target'. Horrid thing given that we can do force on force stuff with real (if 'blind' or 'kill on hit') targets. No need to do 'plywood cutouts' or cloth to save money.

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:xBMP-2:x T-55 + more T-72s :x  (not my dreamed M4 with more technology but nice the same) last but not least Leopard 2A6, not all is Russian love :P Have to keep checking... ^_^ Thanks!!

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Is it that T-55A? 

- T-55A: new radiation shielding added for protection against nuclear weapons. The 7.62 SGMT machine guns are replaced by 7.62mm PKT machine guns. The T-55A is fitted with NBC system, an air compressor for starting, redesigned front fuel tanks and ammunition compartment, night vision equipment for the commander, gunner and driver, improved deep fording capability, improved shock-absorbers, an improved fire detection and suppression system and an anti-radiation lining.

Like a super vintage tank?


BMP2 rocks!!

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Congratulations incredible work guys.

Looking forward to pics, my personal wish list is 90per cent complete

God knows what I will add to the wish list for the next big update.

Beta team start posting those pics please.

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Here's a list of new crewable vehicles (compiled from ssnakes screenshots):


Leopard 2A6
Sho't Kal
T-55A m.1970
T-72B1 m.1985
T-72B1 m.2012


AMV XA-360
Marder 1A3
Pandur 1
Pandur 1 (RWS)
RG-31E 4x4 MRAP


Dingo 2A2
Pinzgauer 710M




M113 G3/OPMV
M113 G3/Repair
SPz 2 Luchs A2


Wisent AEV

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