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D.O.W. Saturday Mission 30/04/16 - Campaign - Battles of Suomussalmi part 1


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D.O.W. Saturday Mission 30/04/16 @ GMT20:00


Campaign - Battles of Suomussalmi part 1 by Lumi


This mission is only for those Dogs of war member's who have signed into campaign.
 - Later parts of this campaign will likely have open roles for others to join as well
 - If so it will be announced before hand.



This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.


Mission Summary :
Dog's of war volunteers have signed to a training course in Suomussalmi / Finland, arranged by a local Tank Nuts group. 


Pictures of training camp area



** Notes **
SB Version: 3.028 64bit
Mission Name: Campaign - Battles of Suomussalmi part 1
Created by: Lumi
Modified by: ~
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Plausible
Largest command: Platoon
Smallest command:Soldier
Mission Duration: 60-120 minutes depending on players and progress.
Minimum number players: ~
Date: Saturday Mission 30/04/16
Time: 20:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here 
Teamspeak  IP: wait in lobby for access to other areas.
Room: Dogs of War



DOW members, by invite, or request in advance prior to mission.

Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.


For More Info On The Mission -   Click Here and or Click Here

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hi charlie! why don't you come tomorrow? Saturday missions are usually for members/people that we evaluated once at least, cause for immersion we ask to the player to have a full knowledge of UI and Options from SB, while sundays are usually open to everyone, and we actually use it to see if players are actually as experienced as needed for the D.O.W. Saturday "immersive" sessions.

We don't really want to exclude noone, but due to some past problems we had with some trolls, hackers, etc, we all agreed on the sponsoring for the Saturday missions.


Anyone who wants to join, feel free to contact me!


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By the way, this is a campaign, once a month, and it's a VERY interesting new concept which lumi applied to SB, that makes it an interesting community event.

I'll post soon a video about it so you all can have some good laughs seeing us having push-up pull downs on SB!!!!

Thanks Lumituisku!



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This mission I wanted to keep inside DOW cause of being so Experimental. 


On this particular mission there was manning roster for DOW members that closed week ago.


If you want to join in future. Please at least day before, preferably few days and it should be alright :) 


I'm planning that this campaign will have three sides.


Blue for platoons 1,2 and 3 That will do full multicrew. Commander, Gunner, driver + possibly dismount teams. 

Green for those who want to join (will be available later when campaign story makes it possible.)

Red for enemy that I, or someone else will be controlling.


Trouble is that I will not apply green side playable before campaign story makes it possible for Finnish army or border guard to be in the area. For now it's peace time training for those who signed in. 




This mission was experimental.... and so far most funny one I have ever played. I have never had this much fun on steelbeast before. And with such good company. Thank you for all those who came, and truly I'm hoping to see some of videos you guys took. 


End of next month well play next part :)   This time perhaps we get to fire some rounds as well. :D



This was first training course for 1st platoon of cadets.

Of whom some performed extraordinary well. 

I'm personally most pleased with good attitude of first platoon! Good job guys! 


John "ladybug" lightow___
Jarod Gamba Obote_____
Creighton "smash" Abrams
Andre "Scaramouche" Moreau
Capt. Michael Wittmann__
John "Commando" Matrix_
Antonio "El gamba" Recio
Stanislaw "Stach" Skalski
John Watson__________

All of these fine cadets showed ability to think fast on extraordinary situations, and I have good faith on them going to perform well on training and possible future battlefields.


Special congratulations for Michael Wittmann for extraordinary resourcefulness and bravery against the man eating bear.


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