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[Kanium] Campaign - 11th ACR: Counterattack towards Schlitz - Sunday May the 15th 1800 UTC


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1 hour ago, DeathdealerWhite23Delta said:

I've just recently started with some training in the 3.027 version with the T-72M1 (I assume that will be the available kit).


I would also recommend opening the Mission Editor, and creating a new mission to experiment with how the different OPFOR vehicles fire and maneuver. A great many of them, like the T-80, BMPs 1 and 2, and BRDM-2s are controlled tactically, but you won't be able to jump down to the individual crew stations. NTC or Cultana are good maps to start with, since they are fairly open and gives you a lot of room to practice maneuvering and changing formations. 


Here is a good place on the wiki to learn about how your units will respond to what types of route and waypoint tactics you give them: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes


Also, here is an example video of what a mission looks like from the OPFOR prospective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvyyU6e1wm4






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Hi to the new guys

to make your experiance better when playing with us we like to have a short velcome session where we make sure that everything works.


Remember that we are on the Kanium TS server where you only need the address field filled



But we are using command channel TS functionality for the company net, so to those of you that are new to playing with Kanium.eu contact Swordsmandk or me with a PM so you can get it setup before the game 

Below here are a setup guide for it:




What it basically does is making a self updating whisperlist which once you have it setup then al you have to do is turn it on or off as needed and everyone will be there for you


Best regards


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8 hours ago, Swordsmandk said:

For now its t72 but I have asked Hedge if he would rather have the t80. and Loose some control.


But yeah 3 Guys for red and rest for blue plz.



T-80s Please.

No point in making it easy for you.




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8 hours ago, DeathdealerWhite23Delta said:

Will we also receive Ural 4320s for ammunition resupply and recovery vehicles?


We won't need them.

(But feel free to add them)



Well, recovery vehicles, we might.

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1 hour ago, Swordsmandk said:

They are added. 


Also both co have received link in pm with game files. 


Yarp I got that


I Could also do with bare minimum 1 more player.

(Will review this when one gets home.)


Edited by Hedgehog
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WARNORD 1 (AS OF 13 0036  MAY 16 (UTC)):


I. Situation


A. Enemy

  1. Composition: 1x Mechanized Infantry Company Detachment (+) (CDET) consisting of 12x BMP-2s; 1x Armored CDET (-) consisting of 6x T-80s. Possible reinforcements of 1x Armored CDET consisting of 9x T-80s to be committed upon US Forces (USF) reaching the 12 Northing. Possible availability of 3x Hind Sorties. 

  2. Disposition: Soviet Forces will conduct an Area Defense from the 05 to 16 Northing within the Fulda Valley. OPFOR will delay USF advance for 120 minutes to allow the Brigade Tactical Group (BTG) to mass combat power in preparation for follow on operations.


II. Mission: A TRP, 1st Squadron, 11th ACR conducts an attack to seize vic Fraurombach NLT 15 MAY 1800 UTC to allow passage of follow on forces to Schlitz.


III. Execution:

  1. Planning/Rehearsal Priorities:

     a. Conduct baseline gunnery for assigned vehicle platform. (Tank Range)

     b. Conduct degraded-systems gunnery for assigned vehicle platform. (http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/1159-advanced-gunnerymalfunction-handling/)

     c. Conduct familiarization identification of FASCAM mines using both thermal and day sights.

     d. Become familiar with bridge load classifications. (http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Bridges


IV. Sustainment: TO BE PUBLISHED


V. Command and Signal

  1. Command

    a. Succession of Command: Mirzayev, Assassin7, Major Duck, King Tiger

  2.  Signal

    a. Call Signs: NO CHANGE



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