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Game Commander 3 (Speech Recognition)


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I would appreciate some input from our resident tankers. I'm settin' up a speech recognition profile for SB Pro PE, and I would like to use realistic verbal commands for the following:


So, what I'm askin' for, is the real world equivalent for as many of the commands as possible. I know that some of the commands aren't verbal, as sometimes you communicate through other methods, but any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I used game commander with old SB1 and win98 a long time ago. It was a lot of fun. What I found was to make it seem real and natural for tankers or US tanker that is was to use many commands for the same key press. Like if I wanted the tank to turn right the commands were “ come right” bring it right driver”” hold your right” “ come right driver “ and things like that going forward was “driver move out” “lets go drier!” and stuff like that. My fellow tanker friends were blow away at how the computer responded. We used commands like “fire fire heat and sabot” “cease fire gunner coax troops!” everything worked super.

If your looking for commands? Things I use with my crew are.

All the driver stuff.

Gunner bring it left/right

traverse left/right

cease fire

driver shut down/fire it up/start it up

fire fire heat/sabot (and adjust)

caliber 50 (that would put me in the 50 cal. Sight)

plus many others.

Enjoy game commander its a lot of fun

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