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SBProPE 2.654 failed to initialize COM library on Windows 10

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I installed SB Pro PE 2.654 on a gaming laptop MSI GS60 Ghost Pro-606, running with Windows 10 (upgraded from 8.1). I plugged in the Code Meter dongle and updated the firmware to 1.18 with the runtime 6.20. There has been license 2.6 existing in this dongle. When I clicked the EXE file to start SB Pro PE, only a message showed up:



Error! Failed to initialize COM library.


I have checked that Visual C++ packages installed on this laptop, everything seems to be there. I have checked and re-installed DirectX 9.0c just in case something is missing. Still the error persists.


Has any one encountered such an error before? I shall be very grateful if any one can help me solve this issue. Thank you very much.

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Some external program (or service) seems to be running in the background that "somehow" tries to communicate with Steel Beasts. It might be some screengrabber program, or maybe some head tracking device, or...?


It seems to try to initialize the COM library before Steel Beasts gets a chance to do so, and does it in a "wrong" way (that is, other than Steel Beasts expects it).


Naturally I have no idea what other software this may be. I can only advise you to try and disable all likely suspect, and if that helps, to activate them one by one and start SB Pro every time after it to see which one exactly is the source of conflict. Only then can we start thinking about a remedy. The conflicting program must be identified first.

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Thank you very much for the advice. That pointed to the right direction, as it turned out that a MSI sound utility called Nahimic (enhancing audio output, such as surrounding sounds etc.) actually caused the issue. Once it's turned off SB can start without any problem.


This utility is a nice addition but I don't mind it's turned off while running SB Pro PE. Therefore I consider that the problem is solved. Thank you very much again.

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