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Kanium - Sunday 14th 1800 UTC - 4.0

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1 hour ago, Abaddon said:

Did I hear "FO! It is me, Zaphod the Canadian, and I want to show my teeth as an FO!" ?

Yeah , I feel like a puppet right now and someone else putting words in my mouth :D lol
That's how I got the job the last time  
I was Major Ducked 

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I can leave my machine on for Monday morning my time and give you access to some more if you like.


Although if they follow the Release Notes and remove 3.028, that will leave them with 4.0 installed but not way to play it after Monday - bit of a one way trip.


Just let me know.


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Hey guy, sorry that I messed up a bit: missed to give UGL rounds to the PzGren Teams



Damn it, somehow the template does not save the HE/smoke grenades...

Can you give 1/9 40mm HE rounds and 5 40mmsmoke rounds to the 3 AT-team and the PL-team :-(...pretty please




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Count me for Marder or Luchs. But the Problem for German recon Luchs is the less of "Blue Blood"........ with the SPz Short, Hotchkiss, it was not necessary to have blue blood instead of cold blood......... germans know what i mean.....


My berett is red, because of signal officer of the Tank Brigade. I´m one of this guys who did long range communication with XK405 Morse coding on the reardriver seat of the Luchs, if necessary

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Still room


Need a few tankers.


And still room in luchs and marder plt. 


If more mech inf want to play, adding another marder or tnk plt is possible via triggers. 


Also note I changed the luchs to a full plt instead of section. So let your inner recon devil out.

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