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Kanium - Sunday 14th 1800 UTC - 4.0

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18 minutes ago, StKpPzBrig18 said:

I tried to reconnect while the game was hold........but finden nö session.

Did anybody managed an reconnection?


You have to wait for the host to open up the rejoin menu that was the same in 3.028 othervise you cant find the rejoin lobby



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2 hours ago, Grenny said:

Can someone please upload a version of the sce without password? Or even just the map area without units?


There were several mistakes and such on our(better:my)side and i'd like to do some training/practise to improve...


Can someone upload the map?


Sweeden? It's a nice map. 

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1 hour ago, Lusik said:

I enjoyed the mission although in my case it was a short experience. It's a pity I couldn't stay longer. Hopefully we'll have a chance to play again soon. 


You guys are always welcome as well as everybody else the only thing is if you have not played with us before show up early so we can help out with TS groups etc... rights.... and download of the scenario.


Swordsmandk , MD and Kanium 

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On ‎15‎.‎08‎.‎2016 at 0:59 AM, Gibsonm said:


Yes it does we did this a couple of times last Thursday night.

How did you solve the Problem with the menu Access?

We played yesterday and People can´t rejoin because of no Chance to reach the menu from the the Hosting Computer. There was no Cursor while pausing for rejoin Clients.

Is that only a Problem in Client based Hosting?


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