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4.0 Started and worked once......

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Thank you for this latest release and new vehicles. I downloaded and installed the 4.0 package yesterday, along with the newest version of the Codemeter software. I then started, played with the Marder and Luchs at the range.....quite cool additions I might add.


I then tried to run a few scenarios today and the only thing differently I did today was when I inserted the dongle, Windows 10 asks what do I want to do with this USB item, so I chose nothing, since the other options were storage and/or backup.


When I selected M2A2, the screen showed starting planning as Lt. Default..then it locked up. I used CTL-ALT-DEL to exit out, showing a window that Steel Beasts Pro had stopped working. I then tried accessing the M60A3, Marder and Luchs, all with the same result. So, after uninstalling, reinstalling not once, but twice, I am perplexed about why it will not start and play now. I even reinstalled the Codemeter software from their site, selecting the Windows 64bit option, to no avail.


Any idea's greatly appreciated.


My specs are:

Alienware M17 R3
32 GB DDR3 1600Mhz memory, Win10 Pro 64 bit, DX11,
24GB GTX 980M video
Alienware Graphics Amplifier w GTX 970 6GB
A-10 Warthog HOTAS Joystick w/ Pedals


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That's also helpful, but notice that the Steel Beasts program folder in the Start menuhas a "Troubleshooting" subdirectory with a shortcut to start Steel Beasts in "debug mode". Do that, do the things you described until it freezes, then locate the debugLog.txt file as described above.

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20 hours ago, Retro said:

Could you please start it using the 'debug' shortcut (in the SB start menu) and upload the resulting 'debuglog.txt' file (in the 'logs' folder)? Hopefully that will give a clue

I can't seem to find a logs folder. Is this created after running in debug mode?

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So, today Windows10 performed an update. When I inserted the dongle, it asked me what I wanted to do with the USB storage device. When asked before the update, I selected the option to have Windows do nothing with the dongle, and I suspect, it was having Windows choosing what to do with that dongle, is what messed it up. So, today, I ignored the Windows pop-up and the game now works again.


So, my recommendation to those receiving the pop-up, is to not do anything with that pop-up, to include NOT selecting the option to DO NOTHING with the dongle....it borked my ability to play and suspect it was my culprit.

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