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Yep, the exact reason why I will no longer play TGIF without enemy map updates on.


You get to fang around in a tactically unsound way focused on operating one vehicle, while most of us are lumbered with managing heaps of units (I had 20+ icons to manage).


End result: you have fun and make a cool video and make me look like an idiot.


I can think of far better ways to spend 3+ hours on a Saturday afternoon.


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54 minutes ago, Splash said:

I hope the thread doesn't turn into an argument over which is better.


I'm not saying what Rotar did was "bad" (or similar), so there is no argument here.


I'm just pointing out the differences when a person can focus on a vehicle while the other has to look after numerous vehicles /dismounts with no feeds as to what is happening.


Hence my decision.


If the missions were scaled back so everybody could play as Rotar is able to, or if the map updates were on so when in this case the Infantry fired at the NZ LAV both Speckfire and I would know that there was a recon vehicle in our rear, then that would be fine too.


Speckfire wanting to know why the #$$$%^ his tank was damaged (because he was elsewhere when it was shot up) is not the best way forward in my opinion - and that's all it is, one person's opinion.


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23 minutes ago, Splash said:

It's easy to see how one style of gameplay does not mesh well with another. I hope the thread doesn't turn into an argument over which is better. I know which style I prefer, and if I were to get involved, these videos are a valuable resource.

There's no need to argue.  Some people (myself included) prefer smaller-scale missions, in which a player controls only a single vehicle (or even has other human crew members).  Others prefer to control a large force and play predominantly from the map view (RTS style).  I suppose there are even some people who like to control multiple vehicles and mostly hop from vehicle to vehicle in the first-person views (mixed style). And gibsonm seems to be agreeable to controlling a larger force if "enemy map updates" are enabled.  These are matters of opinion and there is no right answer.


The issue with TGIF, IMHO, is that it consists almost exclusively of missions with large forces in relation to the attendance level and, therefore caters almost exclusively to the RTS- or mixed-style crowd.  Participants like me are obligated to play in a manner not to our liking.  It's not clear to me that most or all TGIF attendees actually prefer the RTS or mixed play style.  I was hoping to foster a discussion about this on the TGIF thread in order to answer this question, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

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1 hour ago, Gibsonm said:


Can you please Ask BEFORE you record??!!


You have now recorded my voice (I presume inadvertently) and I'm not allowed to let that happen. :( :(


It appears the only way I can prevent this from happening is to stop visiting and hosting Kanium events in future.

The video has been deleted from my YT channel as well as both post here on SB...


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