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I don't know if also we have the limitation of space in the maps as you rule the non PE edition? Anyway.. always is maybe good to pick an small piece and see what we can do with it. Of course against the AI. Not team versus teams.

I thought those TGIF scenaries where shared in the downloable area of the SB website. Maybe it would be good, if you don't mind to post them there?

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On 8/14/2019 at 5:58 PM, BaLrOg_70 said:

Much appreciated Folks and thank you both for the info, as you say @Gibsonm they are probably a logistic nightmare for small groups I was just curious really so if I ever 'get gud' I may well jump into a friday again :D Time constraints and work get in the way currently.


@Bond_Villian  I will settle for watching you guys lug it out for now and take inspiration from those missions to apply to some smaller scale endeavours of my own in the mission editor.


Thank you again 


Or you could play with some of the remaining VU´s which mostly play COOP´s?


They all have room for not-so-experienced people, and in fact welcome them with open arms


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