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On 1/4/2017 at 1:44 AM, Rotareneg said:



The Israeli 14th armored brigade plan map for the October 15th-16th night assault near the Chinese Farm, taken from the 87th armored reconnaissance battalion's website:


The large pink egg, where the Egyptian 16th and 21st divisions symbols are, is "Missouri".

The small pink circle to the south of "Missouri" is "Amir", the Chinese Farm buildings area.

The small pink circle to the east of "Missouri" is "Televizia" stronghold.

The small pink egg, east to the Israeli 600th armored brigade symbol, is "Hamadia".


Forces and missions, by order of movement (in short, of course):

1. 87th armored reconnaissance battalion (reserve, 22 M60A1s, originally subordinate to the 143rd armored division): navigate and lead the brigade, take "Matzmed" strongholds and the eastern bank.

2. 79th armored battalion (active, 22 M48s, originally from the 401st armored brigade): head north, take the eastern bank west of "Lexicon" road.

3. 184th armored battalion (active, 21 M48s, 14th armored brigade's only original battalion): head north, take the area east of "Lexicon" road up to southern "Missouri".

4. 407th armored battalion (reserve, 22 M60A1s, originally from the 600th armored brigade): open "Akavish" and "Tirtur" roads from SW to NE.

5. 424th reconnaissance battalion (active, originally subordinate to the southern command) + 5 M60A1s of the 407th: clear the east bank after the 87th.

6. "Shmulik" Force (two companies from the 35th paratroopers brigade) + 4 M60A1s of the 407th: clear "Tirtur" road after the 407th, clear "Amir" after the 184th.

7. 582nd reconnaissance brigade (reserve, originally from the 317th paratroopers brigade): reach "Lakekan" stronghold, on the Bitter Lake's shore, as the brigade's reserve.


The 14th armored brigade's CO (1 M48) followed the 87th and spent much time on the front with the 79th and 184th.

The 600th armored brigade (reserve, M60A1s) assaulted "Televizia" in order to cover the 14th armored brigade's assault.

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Tactically I'd rate this as a solid Red win. Blue lost pretty much all tanks and the remaining infantry was about the get annihilated as well. Red lost a lot too, but operationally the whole BlueFor was essentially wiped out while Red could have reinforced. Interesting to watch. :)

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I was trying something out last night (recording in smaller chunks) because YouTube has seen fit to limit my ability to use their video editor to videos under an hour in length.  So last night's TGIF session will be in two parts with a small break in between the recordings (my recording software doesn't work the way I want it to).


Last night's TGIF session:



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