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Random black screen issue

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Hi Guys


I understand that Ssnake has alerted everyone about possible graphics issues.  I have read some of the graphics threads issues reported and seem to have a relatively unusual one.  My graphics are generally very good running at the default settings.  The problem I have is that randomly and very occasionally, I get a completely black screen (may happen twice in 30 - 45 minutes).  It is not a 'crash' as I understand it because the audio is still working and after about 5-10 seconds, I get the video back - and good quality video.  Any thoughts?


Please note in responding that I am not particularly computer literate, but if there is an identifiable issue, I can get assistance.


My specs are:


Nvidia GTX 980 - Driver 372.54

Intel i7 6700k CPU @ 4.00 GHz

32 Gig of RAM

Windows 7 Professional


Thanks in advance.

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I get the same thing. The driver will crash and reboot itself. I'm pretty sure it is an Nvidia issue.

I'm running an Nvidia GTX 970, and have been having these temporary, short-term crashes for the last couple of drivers.

Running 372.54 as well. (2016-Aug-15 release)

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