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Kanium Sunday 28th 1800 UTC

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I also plan on testing the "split and fuse" scenario option!

Hope we find a BLUE(DEU) and a GREEN(US)  CO a.s.a.p., then I'll send out the blue and green files to them so then can make their plans and the ship the sce back to me for putting the mission together again...

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Hi there.

I was wondering if i could connect as a Spectator.

I know the basis about ground warfare tactics as i studied some manuals and played a lot of Combat Mission. But still, i'm a rookie in steelbeast. Watching you guys will help me figure out how things happen in this sim. Eventually, If that's not a large workload and no one take it, i can take the repair unit. 

Thanks !

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55 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Still missing a large chunk of important positions, including a green CO.



Standart SOP: Know 2 up, be prepared to do 1 up ;-)

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13 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:


Thats not the issue. Micromanagement of many units for a large scenario is more concerning. 

Understood. As I said, the mission is scaleable. It would be good to run it with 2 players per plt.  If players rather want 1 vehicle per man...we get together on green and let blue run on script in accordance with Abaddons plan.

I'll make a post and ask those who did choose blue-side units if its ok with them to go green....but via cellphone my abilities are limited...

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