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new pdf manual released?

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NEVERMIND, forgot to look in the doc folder.



Just wondering, can't find it in the downloads, with all the new features, is there a new pdf manual or just the release notes? I only have the printed manual from the very first version.




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A new manual is in preparation. Because of last-minute changes prior to the 4.0 release we can only now sort which drafted text remains in the manual, which parts have to be written, or must be deleted. I expect the 4.0 manual to be ready with the update that is scheduled for Q1/2017. Until then the 3.0 manual in combination with the Release Notes and the SB Wiki should cover all the important parts.

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OK, I'll be more explicit.  I thought since the some of the big releases (2.64, 2.654, and 3.0) had their release notes in the doc folder, 4.0 would also.  I was on an airplane...no internet.  So I was building a scenario on the airplane...with no internet.  Wanted to look at the release notes...with no internet.  Didn't realize the release notes weren't in the download...with no internet.  Couldn't read the release notes...with no internet.  Didn't feel like digging around in my temp files for it, because I clean that out daily.  So had to wait until I got to my hotel and had internet.


Just thought it would be good to follow previous releases and have it in docs, or be explicit that if you buy the game that you need to download the release notes separately...if you have no internet.  Not a big enough deal, but I guess telling you I was on an airplane was not enough.  btw, before you tell me to buy an internet connection for my flight, BA still lacks internet on most intercontinental flights.

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