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Simple "Object" question.


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I would appreciate knowing what Industrial object number 584 is.

Also, I would like to congratulate the SB development team. On the

really impressive number of new objects. They offer a lot of flexibility

in designing scenarios. I particularly like the petrol fill up station objects.

They are universal through out the world. ;-)

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Steel Beasts does them for you, if you hit the magic key combination. Check the Controls dialog (Alt+C) for what your assigned hotkey is (mine is F12, while Shift+F12 shows the framerate, which is inverted from the default settings).


You will find the files in ..\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\savedImages

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Thank you Ssnake:) I always appreciate it when you take time in your busy schedule. To assist me

with my questions and little problems. Screen shots are things, like other computer tools, that I know

of, but rarely or never use. Thanks for the info, and Bravo for a SB4.0 extremely well done! *;) winking

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