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Midweek Madness CO-OP 31/08/16


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Halfway to the weekend? It's time for...Midweek Madness.

Open to all. Friendly CO-OP

D.O.W. Vu  & Red Alert Vu

Wednesday Mission 31/08/16 @ GMT17:00

Midweek Madness 31.8, CO-OP, Scan VS US By Lumi from Dogs of War

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.



Scandinavian CO-OP force will be attacking to US forces stronghold






Mission Summary:

European union has collapsed, Russia and USA are having conflict with each other. US forces have taken control of southern Norway and have proceeded to Sweden. We must drive them out.


Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...



 a) Enemy:
    Enemy forces: Reinforced modern US, Tank company. M1A2 (sep), M2A3, and support


    b) Own: 
                                Scandinavian forces consist of three companies
                               A Coy: Swedish tank company reinforced with two cv9040-B platoons
                               B Coy: Danish Tank / Mech Coy. 2x Leo2A5DKA1 tank plt and 2x cv9035 plt
                               C Coy: Finnish / Norvegian force. 2x Leo2A6 plt, 1x CV9030 plt

    c) Attachments and detachments: All companies have FO-Vehicle (Only FO can call artillery), Medic, ARV, Supply truck and Repair vehicle.
                                                         + 6 off-map artillery batteries of 6 tubes. HE, ICM and Smoke. + 8 Priority TRPs


2) MISSION: Decapitate US armored forces and their advance into sweden


Intent: Scandinavian force will proceed and destroy enemy forces at stronghold area


    a) Concept of Operation: 
    Designed by player.
        i) Maneuver: 
        Designed by player.
        ii) Fires: 
        6 off-map artillery batteries of 6 tubes. HE, ICM and Smoke. + 8 Priority TRPs


        iii) Additional assets: 
        All companies have FO-Vehicle (Only FO can call artillery), Medic, ARV, Supply truck and Repair vehicle












This is designed as CO-OP mission, Opfor side is not for players. 

Date: Wednesday 31/08/16
Time: 17:00 GMT
Time (local):    Click here

For the rest of the mission and additional info please click here -  Midweek Madness Mission

TeamSpeak  IP: dow.ts.nfoservers.com

Version: SB V4.0



All Welcome



Manning List

  • From Red alert VU, 4 to 5 players  ( C - CO = Oleg )
  • Lumi
  • Forester
  • Asid
  • 2-Pies
  • Wolfakow
  • Short and Sweet


Edited by Lumituisku
Manninglist updated
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Sorry for late posting of this mission. I had lot troubles to decide forces, set up, task and map. I finally managed to do it yesterday night, and today had a bunch of overwork at work.




Volunteers to be company leaders please step up. I will send you mission file ASAP so that you can start your planning. 


A company leader will be leader and coordinator for the Skandinavian forces.


This will be Casual and relaxed mission, good for new COs to step up. No need for hardcore planning. General plan for each company is enough. 



I as myself, will be on OPFOR side, guiding it from Map view only.  So that AI units will have at least some changes agaisnt you guys. 




C company is for Red Alert Vu players / russian speaking ones. 


A and B companies are for other players.

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19 minutes ago, Major duck said:

Hi Lumi


I am sorry cant be there have nightshift this week cu next week




No problem. This is weekly event. Next week mission should come from Red-Alert.


If it shows that participation is less than expected. I will make something to adjust forces.



Thank you for letting me know :) 

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thank you guys very much for participating.


After trouble at the start, when the mission finally kicked up. It think it seemed to go rather nicely.


As op-for, at first I felt confident, but after you started attacking for real, I was in big trouble. There was not much space to advance. And you very effectively used Artillery as well.



Well done :) 


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