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SB Pro PE 4.004


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1 minute ago, thewood said:

I missed where the changes for 4.003 are listed.  Are they integrated into the 4.0 release notes or called out somehow.


You need to read the document, it begins with the title " Bug fixes without database entry" and continues on to stuff with database entries "#1234" 



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22 minutes ago, Rotareneg said:

Yeah, that's not funny. :( Next you'll be telling us the made the T-55 crewable...

Leave the T-55 alone,

 It may be old and crude but it can still do the job.>:(

a bit like me. LoL

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"New head tracking mode 'TrackIR (alt)': Here the CDR's unbuttoned view direction will be relative to the turret, not relative to the hull."


You gentlemen are princes among men. Thank you for returning this feature (and for making it an option so those inclined to motion sickness can still use their TrackIR.) Bully.

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7 hours ago, lavictoireestlavie said:

Exactly, a playable T-55 would be sick joke. Even I will not stoop that low.:(

The T-55 is awesome!!!

It makes the perfect match for the Sho't Kal and can still defend against M60A3 even.



• T-62: Fixed a wobble on the left side's first and last roadwheel


I knew it, the T-62 was made in China....



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