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Tactical Vignettes

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Greetings Gentlemen.


I'm hoping to restart a thread giving our players short tactial challenges, hear their solutions and maybe discuss about them.


Hopefully we can encourage some more people to try out the CO/XO seats in the multi-player games that way... :-)

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No #1: The heavy recon patrol

You'll find a picture of the intial ORBAT of Tank-BN 104 and a scenario file depicting BLUE situation and Spotted units RED at X+50

You can assume all units placed in the sce file on the blue and red side as spotted and reported to blue at X+50




PzBrig 12 is attcking against an MechRgt(-)14 since about 14 hours.

Enemy strength: 2 MechBN, 1 Tank BN , 1x AT-Task force(BRDM-2AT, engineers)


The Own attacks have been succesfull so far, the enemy BN have be reduced to 80, 50 and 40% strenghts, the AT units has been reduced to below company strenght, strenght of engineer support remains at 80%

ENEMY is now defending with 2 BN abreast 1 BN in reserve, with the likely aim of delaying OWN attack, allow ENEMY units further east to establish a new defensive line and to pass behind that line IOT keep MechRgt 14 active as

the ENY reserve force.


PzBrig 12 is attacking with PzBtl-104(+/-)(Tanks BN 104) on the left, and GebPzBtl-8(Mountain Tank BN 8) on the right, PzGrenBtl 112 and 122 are following the attack, Engineer support from PzPiBtl 4 (armoured Eng BN 4) is followein 45 minutes behind the attacking BNs.

IOT to cut off the enemy retreat Paratroopers from FSchJBtl 263 have been deployed with 1 Infantry companie + 1 Infantry platoon and the heavy company (Wiesel MK, Wiesel TOW and Mortars) in C-STADT(C-Town)

Fruther flights to bring the FSchJBtl to full strenghts have been denies by enemy Air-defence. The Paratroopers are now under heavy attack and need support.


Intent of CO PzBrig12:  is to attack swiftly with maineffort on the left, push trought the enemy defences IOT destroy MechRgt14(-) and link up with the Paratroopers before the situation in C-STADT becomes critical.



PzBtl 104(+) (your BN)

Has been in contact with pickets of TankBN 141(+/-) since 2 hours with some losses to the recon platoon and the leading companies.(Picture belows shows 104's strenght a X=0)

The BN need to restructure and resume the attack.

It now attacks with 3./122(PzGren) on the left, 4th company on the right, 2 and 3 a following, to replace recon team 2, the remainders of Charly-paltoon 3rd company (III 3./104) and Charly Platoon from PzGren-company (III 3./122) have been tasked as heavy-recon team (YOU ARE IN COMMAND OF THIS RECON TEAM!!)


The mission of recon team 2 is to: Overwhatch and secure the left flank of the BN's attack against enemy counterattacks.


From X=0 the situation develops as follows:

(radio traffic PzBtl 104)



Recon team 1: reached river at W +01 - 10 (Grid 2310 7300), bridges in the area are destroyed, fortifications and at least 2 BMP in A-STADT, area north of 7300 likely under ENEMY observation, river is fordable only for light vehicles,

Will continues recon to the east



4th company:Contact, engaging enemy tanks south and east of A-STADT, at least 3 tanks, lost 2 tanks, 4 injured, 4 crew lost



3rd company/122: detected minefields west of B-STADT, crossings are blocked, requesting engineer support



From FschJBtl: under heavy attack by at least 2 MECH-COY with Tanks support, we can still hold.



GebPzBtl-8: own attack halted by enemy mine west of line 2350, requesting engineer support



3rd /company 122: Under heavy artillery fire and ATGM fire from the area between BAUERNHÜGEL and OST-FORST, 2 Tanks and 3 IFV damaged, 1 IFV total loss

                            We have 18 casualties Cat-B, 2 Cat-A, requesting CASEVAC

AT X+45

RECON TEAM 2 (YOU) Spotted and engaged 2 BMP-2 at 2382 7750 before they where able to react. As you scout ahead for BDA, you see the bridges at 2289 7703 are intact

and capable of carring tanks.



4th company: detected mines west of A-STADT, all crossing are blocked under attack by enemy tanks, halting position east of line 2300



Recon team 1: at least 8 dug in tanks south and east of A-STADT, inside A-STADT at least 3 BMP2

                      We are holding Observation post at grid 2513 7150



YOU have not been able to establish contact with BN HQ yet, as the BN-Net is buzzing with traffic, you have contact with CO of 2nd company though.

4th company is reporting that HQ section was under artillery fire, both tanks still active but likely radio-damaged..



















Tactical vignette_SITREP.sce

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Ok, time to throw in my 2ct. Hope this encourages others to come forward with their ideas...


1. The blue BN is in the process of losing this engagment at the moment.

    (RED stopped them, is able to put them under Observed fire and will cause a huge delay and cause attrition...giving the rest of the Rgt time to open the retreat route and withdraw in good order)


2.Your BN Cdr need option...as right now his only choise would be to call in engineer and arty support IOT conduct a breach of the minefields to push on the attack

  (this will need hours)


3. 3rd company is basicly out of this fight, as what remain of them is just able to hold the current positions, and organize the CASEVAC


4. The enemy force disposition is largely know (most important: I know where the enemy tank company is!!!)



a.)Inform CO 2nd company what I'm about to do

b.) abadon flank guard, and conduct a recon by attack over the BP of the destroyed ENY picket in order to:

       - recon a possible alternate attack route (one which 2nd COY could follow to refresh the attack and regain initiative)

       - establish contact with the enemy AT-units

       - if possible neutralize enemy AT-unit


...any other ideas opinions...alternative plans??  :-)

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