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Newbie (imminent) questions


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Regarding headset choice; i use the Turtle Beach Z60, its not bad, but a little heavy after a few hours ;). Also has a very handy dual volume function for adjusting teamspeak volume separately to game volume 'on the fly'


Heres a picture, you can see the two volume wheels on the little box.



Maybe Rotar will put a picture of his headset up here, its a beauty !




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On 9/2/2016 at 9:25 AM, Red2112 said:

I wouldn´t mind being pushd out the side door either. :D  So for any side trainning please count me in and I will be more then happy to join.  Just please advise with a bit of time ahead to get organiezd.





 Nah, ramp jump is much better, such an easy exit and less likely to get twisted up in the risers.


No matter what you do, PLFs are FAH landings.



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