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M113 repaints


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All of the M113 specialty vehicles (FO, engineer, TOW, etc) use the Danish M113G3 model ... yet there are no alternative skins provided for the G3.


That would be fine except that mission makers seem to favor the M113 as the vehicle of choice for those roles, and often those missions feature forces other than DK.


I like to keep my forces homogeneous, within reason, so I worked up some skins using RogueSnake79's template for the great new M113 model, so it doesn't look lonely when I'm not playing as Denmark.


One is Auscam to proxy in those roles for Australian forces. It looks right at home with the game's M113AS4. Another is basic NATO camo for U.S. (and other allied forces). It's almost a twin to the M113A3. And there are two German skins, one in the NATO-style camo (matches the Leo 2s) and one in the single-color scheme (works with the earlier Leo 1s and 113A2G). 


All should be available soon for download.









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3 hours ago, MAJ_Fubar said:

Thank you.  I was just working on these...saves the effort. xD


Hey, don't let that stop you. The more choices the merrier. You might have a different color interpretation or find something I missed. RogueSnake's template is awesome, but way outta my league. I puzzled over it quite a bit and had to do some workarounds because Gimp doesn't seem to read all the layer effects.

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