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Just to say "Thank you esimgames"


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I think esimgames devs don't mind a few words of appreciation, so here's a good space to post your positive reflections.


I've been into SBProPE for 10 years and it was good from the start, even better now. I'm really grateful that it's still in development seeing new features and terrain modelling around the corner. What I like most about SB is the scenario editor, giving me the option to setup a short and dynamic battle in notime. I have also designed very complex scenarios and it is just bombastically fun to develop and run! The variety and size of available maps is a huge bonus.


Here's my breakdown of what makes SBProPE outstanding (in no particular order):

  1. Scenario editor - just one word: powerful
  2. Graphics; really
    • frame rate and rendering of sights/optics/thermal
    • the landscape looks very convincing as a whole, not bothered with the details - real geographic data makes the whole difference!
    • the unit models are fantastic, including textures (and mods)
  3. Map editor - working adequately, contains a very good library (although, I would like to be able to implement GIS-data more easily as a PE user)
  4. The option to apply various themes (winter/woodland/desert etc.)to maps as well as choosing camouflague set for many nations
  5. Audio representation is good. Now, better than ever before!
  6. Gameplay - tense, every decision matters! Gives you a perfect opportunity to reflect over and study your mistakes!
    • SP - doesn't feel like you're playing alone!
    • MP - as good as it gets!
  7. The ability to play at different levels, from, say, battalion/company leader (map-oriented) down to gunner (in the 3D-seat!).
  8. SBProPE simulates more than I am even aware of, and that gives me a feeling of it controlling me, I don't control it. A perfect sim-user relation.
  9. Documentation is good and as if that was not enough; the forum with it's vets/hardcore gamers and newbees rocks!


The graphics has improved over the years and I find it very good at the moment. Sure, ther's room for improvements, but it actually looks good now. A lot better than other tank sims/games on the market (that use artificial terrains). The simulation part is adequate/interesting and also pretty much down to a good key/joystick configuration. I also love the save-report capabilities.


As I mentioned in 3), the only hick-up I have is the non-ability to work with real data in the map editor (as a PE user). This is reserved for the other extended professional platform and I understand this. But as a GIS-engineer, I feel quite limited in what I can do to produce new maps and terrains. I work with "real map data" everyday and always see the potential battle scenario without having the best possibility to create one. That said, I am more than satisfied with the huge selection of good maps and options to change their appearance (themes/map editor).


Anyway, post your "Thank you esimgames" here to tell the devs how much you appreciate the game!

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Elaborated a bit...
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I felt my initial post was a bit of an understatement.

Here's a more balanced statement: I freak*n love SBProPE 4.0!!!


Have been messing around with the scenario editor again (as usual) and have to give my compliments to the "surrender if..."-feature. It brings many options into scenario design and provides for yet more dynamic results.


At the moment: The FPS drop with the new thermals is noticable on my system, but I trust you will solve the issue give it some time and development. The information given is better balanced than previously. Looks fantastic.


Again, thanks for bringing SBProPE into 4.0, cant wait to see the smoothing of the roads in place. Looks really good in the preveiew videos.


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Gentles all,

Although I have been playing SB since the original release in 2000, I have been "away from the game" for perhaps 8 months (playing too much ARMA III, quite frankly).  Just last weekend, however, I bought the updated 4.0 version, and am completely blown away by the new version. SB is simply one of the BEST sim games ever developed, and I just want to acknowledge the professionalism, dedication and excellence of the esim team, and the on-going support of the community of players.  Well done, all.


Best regards,


F9F Panther

AKA Jack Nastyface

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